Nov 4, 2011

KNOW THE ABUSERS: When you’re harassed, “get a sense of humor” is the almost inevitable response of the harasser!

¨Reporting harassment can make the workplace worse than experiencing the harassment¨

¨As a woman who has spent much of her life in male dominated industries, “Get a sense of humor” and “Lighten up” were phrases I avoided like the plague. How did I avoid them? By laughing. I laughed when my boss invited me to a sex party. I laughed when I had a bad day and a couple of the guys told me I needed to get laid, and offered their assistance. I laughed when they commented on the tightness of my top or the thinness of my bra. I laughed at their racist or homophobic jokes, which made me uncomfortable even though I was not the target. I brushed off their actual sexual advances as though they never happened.

Why did I laugh it all off? We live in a litigious society, right? To hear the right frame it, I should have been heading to a lawyer at the first nipple joke. Well, as any victim of harassment, sexual or otherwise, will tell you, it just ain’t that easy. I had a fairly decent job. I made a nice middle class income. I was moving up the ranks, albeit more slowly than my male counterparts. I wasn’t about to risk it, plus, maybe it was just me...¨ read it all, by Wendy Gittleson, HERE

Why does this seem familiar to me? 

Bullying, exploiting, harrassing/harming, killing innocents is initiated by ¨protected¨ bigots, blowhards and bullies at work, church, school or amongst families and friends and must end...offenders being ¨accepted¨ by society/church/industry who are presumed to have ¨righteous/heterosexual values¨ must be held accountable for the smears and loathsome acts/sins of omission and abuse toward others, ready or not, sexual or not, that are generated.  We, individually, are called to be personally responsible in all of our affairs.

We must stop the liars, moral deadbeats/blamers/shamers and thieves of other peoples personal integrity in our everyday lives by speaking out against them...the creepy boy/girl-clubbers must be held personally responsible and accountable to start dealing with truth, their own truth and the reality of others.

The responsibility for living in truth must include the every action of Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury as well as the rest of the pompus anti-heterosexual women and LGBT Christian exclusion clubbers at all levels of Churchlife at the Anglican Communion. 

The whole bunch of feckless rotted apples, evangelical religious or not, anglo-Catholic or not, who polute decency and good will with faux integrity must be called on their self-purified lies and malicious manipulative actions as they abuse other human beings.  It is the shifty and protected religious righteous ¨pretenders¨ who demoralize society.  Slandering others with ugly/dressed-up pretenses that deny truth/real and twist reality/encourage fear and hate in the world around them as they attempt to make themselves look good/holy, right, just and ¨fair.¨  Honorable as they torment, harrass and abuse innocents in the name of a false God of ignorance, prejudice, exploitation and flat out deceit!

Hypocrites repent, Bishop Rowan, resignLeonardo Ricardo

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·  Thanks to Wendy Gittleson, HERE

Archbishop Rowan Williams and his ¨punitive¨ Anglican Covenant:  Innocents beware of deceit and pretend!

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