Nov 16, 2011

BEING A PEDOPHILE HAS ZERO TO DO WITH BEING GAY*: ¨The vast majority of men who abuse boys are either not attracted to adults of either gender or are straight men who are emotionally disturbed¨

¨Stop letting the real abusers keep hiding in the darkness...and continue their abuse¨
¨For a few weeks now, the Religious Right has been shamelessly co-opting the Penn State child rape tragedies to spark further hatred of the gay community.

As discussed here last week, one organization went so far as to raise money with their incoherent linking of being gay to the Penn State incidents.

Well, I’ve had enough. After reading an utterly embarrassing piece of writing in the DC morning ‘Examiner‘  Penn States Shame and Ours which grasped at straws by trying to link the relationship of Kurt and Blaine on ‘Glee’ to Penn State, I cannot stay quiet about it. And tonight, I discovered an equally horrific piece at World Net Daily The lavender revolution stumbles which continues along the ridiculous and completely unsubstantiated link between being gay and being a pedophile. HERE

Dr. Carole Jenny of Denver Children’s Hospital put together an exhaustive study Are Children at Risk for Sexual Abuse by Homosexuals? on this very topic. She took 352 children who were referred to a clinic for potential sexual abuse. 35 of these children were ruled out of the study as abuse seemed unlikely in these cases.

Of the remaining 317 cases…

◦74 children were abused by other children or teens under the age of 18.
◦9 children could not identify their abuser.
◦2 children were abused by someone identified as gay or lesbian.
◦232 children were sexually abused by the heterosexual partner of a close relative.

And if you’d like to discuss gay men, the usual target of lies perpetrated by the Religious Right, the same doctor did a study of 50 boys who had been molested.

Of those 50 boys…

◦37 were abused by a man in a straight relationship with a relative.
◦3 were molested by their mother or grandmother.
◦5 were molested by both parents.
◦3 were molested by a male family friend who had no history of sex with men.
◦1 was molested by an uncle, also with no history of sex with men.
◦1 was molested by a man who was possibly, but not definitely a gay man.
“When our opponents demonize openly gay men and falsely shine the spotlight on us, they’re letting the real abusers hide in the darkness…and continue their abuse.” Rob Tisinai HERE

·  Thanks to Rob Tisinai, sidebar
·  Thanks to Talk About Equality, HERE
·  Thanks to Dr. Carole Jenny, Denver Childrens Hospital
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*Homosexuality is an innate trait fixed at birth, while pedophilia is a psychological disorder. HERE

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