Nov 1, 2011

INSIDE THE GAY CURE MINISTRIES: ¨Converting Gays creates damaged people¨

Escaping from the ¨damage¨
¨Exorcisms, hugging, behavioural management and marriage are among the methods used by a Christian ministry to "heal" homosexuals in Queensland, according to a former leader who now wants to see the practice stamped out.¨

¨A psychologist and one-time Exodus* counsellor has told the Brisbane Times HERE, Australia, has denounced the ex-gay movement, saying he walked away 25 years ago because it forced gay men into “living an even greater lie” that hurt themselves and their families.

Paul Martin, now an equal rights activist and head of the Centre for Human Potential in Brisbane, spoke out after Australia’s Community Services Minister, Fiona Simpson, was criticized for her ex-gay views. The politician had lent public support to Exodus in 2002, praising the organization for giving homosexuals “the freedom to grow into homosexuality over time.” HERE

·  Thanks to The Brisbane Times
·  Thanks to Katherine Feeney
·  Thanks to Dr.Paul Martin, former *Exodus counsellor HERE
·  Thanks to Ex-Gay Watch, sidebar


motheramelia said...

Good for Paul Martin for speaking out. I can't imagine anything more destructive to the soul of a person than forcing them to be what they are not.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Mother Amelia...yes, it´s right up there with selfloathing/destructive! The good news, and it is, is the self-accetance! Whew!

Calamity Jane said...

Leonardo, it seems Liberty Christian Ministries Inc has removed <a href=">Exodus</a> from it's list of resources!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Exodus is Exodust! (sick bastardos)