May 8, 2011

Ardythe Ruby Beardsley Clark: ¨A beautiful person in every way¨

Remembering Mama, Mothers Day 2011

My Mom's name was/is Ardythe Ruby Beardsley Clark and she died quietly in her sleep two decades ago at the far too soon age of Mother was a lovely human being...everyone said so, friends, coworkers and family respected and admired her and felt warmed and assured by her quiet manner, her balanced good judgement, her smile, her trustworthiness, her hospitality and her genuine style.

At her grave, the marker is inscribed with "A Beautiful Person In Every Way"...she was.

Thank you dear Mama for being the authentic and loving you.

Happy Mothers Day, 2011
Happy Mother’s Day: Dedicated to all those Mum’s who love their kids unconditionally

¨My thoughts on this day in May are for all those women who won’t have a happy day because they have no one to wish them a “Happy Mothers’ Day.”

They may not have been physically able to conceive, or by circumstance are unable to adopt a child. Then there are those women who chose not to have children; a choice that is rightfully theirs to make, but the reality is the same, they cannot hear their child wishing them a “Happy Mothers’ Day.”

Then there are those mothers who have lost their children to disease, an accident of fate, or attack of violence. Memories are all that remain to them.

Then there are those who have lost a child to that horror of recent times, bullying that resulted in suicide.

My heart goes out to all those mums who, through no fault of their own, no longer have a living child. It must be extremely painful...¨ please read it all,   HERE

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chgorich said...

Dear Leonardo, What a beautiful picture of a beautiful lady, your mother!
Thanks for posting that and for your lovely words about mothers and Mother's Day. At our 11 a.m. church service this morning, our Pastor asked us to think of this day as "Mother-ing Day" to remind us of all the ways in which we "mother each other" and are "mothered by other people". I liked that thought. My dear mother, Anne Johnson, passed away in June of 1984 from uterine cancer. I miss her very much even today.

Happy Mother-ing Day" Len and Juan Carlos!

Ricardo of the North

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Ricardo Norte, happy Mother-ing day to you too-- so much witnessing to do!