May 17, 2011

McGreevey Pursues Dream to Join Episcopal Clergy: James E. McGreevey, who resigned as New Jersey's governor in 2004, now works for Integrity House in Newark helping people deal with drug problems.

Former Governor James McGreevey hopes to be accepted as a candidate for priesthood in the Episcopal Church
¨In one sense, James E. McGreevey, the former New Jersey governor, is again campaigning for office: He hopes to be accepted as a candidate for the priesthood in the Episcopal Church, which has begun ordaining openly gay men and women. He has already earned a divinity degree, but his application to proceed with the next step, to become a postulant, was rejected last month. He says he plans to keep trying, and his current work is a kind of test ground of his commitment.

Mr. McGreevey is the newest recovery specialist at a residential drug treatment center in Newark called Integrity House, and one recent morning he zigzagged buoyantly down the street, like the perennial political office-seeker he used to be. Everyone he saw received a holler, a handshake or a lingering moment of schmoozing...please read it all, HERE

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