Apr 19, 2011

TERRORIZING, DEMORALIZING and DEMONIZING for God? Malaysia sends 66 boys to anti-gay camp for ¨counseling¨

(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Malaysian authorities have sent 66 Muslim schoolboys identified by teachers as effeminate to a four-day camp where they will receive counseling on masculine behavior to discourage them from being gay, an official said Tuesday.

Gay rights advocates decried the measure as a symptom of widespread homophobia in this Muslim-majority country where gay sex is illegal.

The boys between 13 and 17 years old reported Monday for what is officially being called a “self-development course” after their schoolteachers in Terengganu state identified them as students who displayed effeminate mannerisms, said Razali Daud, the state’s education director.

They will undergo religious and motivational classes and physical guidance, Razali said. He declined to give further details...please read it all, HERE

UPDATE:  Critics slam Malaysian boot camp for effeminate boys

· Donna Guest, deputy director of the Asia-Pacific program at Amnesty International told CNN the boot camp “feeds into gender stereotyping and homophobia.”

· “It goes to encouraging discrimination against all people because of their sexual orientation,” Guest said. HERE

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JCF said...

Of course, if they get a chance, the boys may well use the camp experience for some sexual exploration! ;-/

it's margaret said...


but, then again, I like what JCF says!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oh no! I don´t think these young spirits are going to find peace of mind during this ¨self-development course¨-- my heart goes out to them.

Lord have mercy