Apr 6, 2011

Pastor Scott Lively opposes¨Sodomite¨ Rights : “the ‘right’ to spread sexual disease and dysfunction”

¨Writing for his organization Defend the Family International, Lively discusses how his review of historic religious and political documents has corroborated his fierce opposition to gay-rights, and goes on to argue that gay-rights is simply “the ‘right’ to spread sexual disease and dysfunction” and is the “antithesis of genuine human rights.”

Holocaust Revisionist, ¨deadly¨ Scott Lively,
Gay Rights Are The "Antithesis" Of Human Rights

¨Reading these documents one is struck by the continuity of several basic themes, central among them the protection religious freedom and family values. Equally striking in today’s context is the total absence of protection for homosexual practice or identity. Rather, we find express condemnation of homosexuality in several documents, and implied hostility to it through the remainder. Indeed, the most reasonable assumption of human rights jurisprudence is that so called “gay rights” are the antithesis of genuine human rights because they both undermine the sexual order on which family values depend, and contradict the fundamental tenets of the major world religions.¨

 Family Values:  Bigots and hate-mongers have a long and treasured history/tradition of contradicting the tenents of major World Religions and underminding the social order 
Amongst the ¨tiny group of sodomites¨ who attempted to ¨take the reins of power¨ for themselves at the world´s expense in Nazi Germany
¨Consider the magnitude of what our generation is witnessing. Neither the four millennia of legal precedent, nor the opinions of the vast majority of the people of the world, nor the power or the authority of the worlds religions across the globe, nor the painful lessons of secular history of the consequences of sexual perversion to civilizations have proved sufficient to stop a relatively tiny group of sodomites from taking the reins of Western power and creating new rights for themselves at the world’s expense.

The cosequences of ¨sexual perversion¨ as a young woman attempts to ¨create new rights for herself¨
It is insanity, and I am afraid that it may be terminal. When the “right” to spread sexual disease and dysfunction supersedes the right to discourage such things in the courtrooms and legislatures of the world’s ruling powers their end is likely near...¨ HERE

American Christian Death Minister Scott Lively Defends Discrimination and Violence Against Gays

¨Pastor Scott Lively claims that Gays and Lesbians are sneaking into Uganda and stealing good christian children to use as sex slaves in their diseased and depraved lifestyles.  Because of this pastor Scott Lively helped the Ugandan government draft legislation that mandates death by hanging for Gays and Lesbians unless they return to their natural heterosexual orientation.  This death mandate has been embraced by many christian organizations in the United States...¨ HERE

¨Pastor¨ Scott Lively harms LGBTI human beings, our families and friends both at home and abroad

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Jim said...

What an utterly horrible man!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Jim, I know. The utter lack of basic decency is the part that makes me most ill-- listening to thugs, and he is, like this for a lifetime is hardly new for me -- the part that is NEW FOR ME is realizing the far reaching destruction this vile man spews at home and elsewhere--it´s no longer just about me and mine, it´s a worldwide hate campign directed against LGBTI people, our families and our friends that must be confronted -- not one more lie or vile slur must go ignored...innocent people die.

Thanks for commenting (it makes me feel good to have straight friends like you nearby).