Dec 4, 2009

BIGOT BISHOP JACKSON ALERT: Men of God try to help people instead of making threats against politicians that don’t suck up to homophobic bigotry!

¨D.C.'s Anti-Gay-Marriage Crusader Ponders This Week's Loss¨ U.S. News and World Report

Harry Jackson, the presiding pastor of a Maryland megachurch

¨...In future races, religious people are going to start going after people’s political careers. In D.C., some very vulnerable black councilmen went along with the city council, and some of these guys will not be sitting in those chairs in 2010 elections. Many in our coalition are wising up, looking for candidates. Political action committees are going to be formed. You’re going to see a bloodletting that is going to mark a new style of engagement for people who are against same-sex marriage...¨ Reverend Jacksons REVENGE, Dan Gilgoff, click HERE

¨They created a gay organization of clergy? What? Like anti-gay Christians created NOM, Focus on the Family, and other anti-gay religious organizations? And they’re going to start going after peoples careers? Wow, now there’s a “Christian” comment if I’ve ever heard one!

Mr. Jackson (and I use the term Mr. very hesitantly),
I suggest you take your overstuffed ego and stuff it somewhere else. You are not God, and you better be careful playing God, because if there is one, I’m sure he or she is not going to take too kindly to you pretending you are.

Going after peoples careers? How about this, I’m coming after your career! No, I can’t bring you down as pastor of your megachurch, but I can hound the IRS to tax your homophobic behind! You are a bigot to the worst degree and you live a lavish life off of tax-free dollars. How about this Jackson, you start paying taxes, then you can become as politically involved as you want, until that day, shut the hell up!

We as a LGBT community need to create more than a ‘gay organization of clergy’, we need to create a task force focused on maintaining and enforcing separation of church and state.

Jackson, I won’t step one foot inside your church, but I welcome you into my home for a nice long talk. Other than that, keep your personal religious ideology out of my life! If you were a man of God, or even a man for that matter, you’d be trying to help people instead of running around making idol threats against politicians that don’t suck up to your homophobic bigotry.

I’m sure you have galvanized your sheep to believe the lies that come from your mouth, but you need to remember, you’re not the only one pissed off here. I’m equally, if not more pissed off at you and I take this very personally, because your tax-exempt money is working to maintain discrimination against me.

I’m sure you feel you’ve made a name for yourself. I hope you’re enjoying your five minutes of fame and even longer stint of fortune, but you are challenged and I am going to become your biggest challenge yet. I will not stop until you stop or you pay taxes. I will build an organization to lead a crusade against you! You will not overcome this! Bigot Jackson: The IRS will tax your homophobic behind, Jim Hipps, click HERE

If you feel the same as I do, write Jackson a letter at: Hope Christian Church! HERE

Bishop Jackson and his ¨family¨ of hate/fear-mongering religious accomplices such as Anglican Bishop Henri Orombi of Uganda IGNORE the United Nations Human Rights Sexuality Statement

Please contact:

NOTE: The ANGLICAN UN, United Nations, HUMAN RIGHTS Observer, Mrs Hellen Grace Wangusa from Uganda, has an office and staff provided by the Episcopal Church (USA) at the Church Center 815 Second Avenue, New York, 10017. The direct office line is (001) 212-716- 6263 and the email address

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