Dec 6, 2009

Heterosexual priest SPEEDILY ELECTED: The Very Reverend Thompson was elected 11th bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana Saturday! Not a word from ++Rowan

·The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, remains silent today, yet committedlike, approving the ¨lifestyle¨ choice of a Heterosexual MALE BISHOP at The Episcopal Church/The Anglican Communion·

The Very Reverend Morris Thompson, Bishop Elect of the Diocese of Louisiana is a well-known Heterosexual.

"I believe the church is moving in a direction that is more inclusive when it comes to the issue of sexuality, and I think the church needs to support people who are gay," Thompson said in an interview Saturday.¨ By Bruce Nolan, The Times-Picayune, HERE

¨That a candidate who voted in favor of opening all ordained ministries to all the baptized and in favor preparing rites for same-sex unions is a milestone here in Louisiana. Those of you from other areas of the country may not fully realize the election as the break-through that it is.¨ Grandmere Mimi, read it all, HERE

SPECIAL NOTE: Apparently, Dr. Rowan Williams, The Archbishop of Canterbury was unavailable (again) to congratulate, and wish ¨well¨ in the confirming process, a Heterosexual, like himself, The Very Reverend Thompson. Father Morris, no doubt riskless, is however considered a possible, and scary, ¨revisionist¨ by former Episcopalian conservatives, bigots on the run and monied ¨family¨ members and worst of all he SMILES at people.

A Bishop Michael G Smith of North Dakota, frowner, and a confidant and self-proclaimed ¨conservative¨ buddy of Archbishop Rowan (the ABC recently received Smith and six other manuvering types at Lambeth Palace) was also a candidate for 11th bishop of Louisiana (oddly Smith currently serves as 11th Bishop of North Dakota and will return to his ¨calling¨)...he lost the election to The Very Reverend Thompson, swiftly and surely as these elections sometimes go.

Dr. Williams was apparently reluctant to peep-a-word of encouragement/congratulations regarding Thompsons election and confined himself today to admiring his new gold pectoral cross, with precious stone, which is a recent gift from the beloved Roman Pope.

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Len, thank you, love. You're a sweetie. As I said at WB, I should have directed more of my ire to SF and the nastiness there.

Indeed, Rowan was remiss in not congratulating his fellow heterosexual clergyman and the delegates in Louisiana, although from Rowan's vantage point, Thompson voted the wrong way at GC09.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Good for Louisiana!

Revd Ivan Ackeroff said...

By allowing a self-confessed heterosexual into its episcopate, just shows how inclusive TEC is. Will this shocking announcement be mentioned at Viagraville?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Revd Ivan Ackeroff,

I hardly slept thinking about this latest action of unthinkable travisty at The Episcopal Church/Anglican Communion...this self-confessed heterosexual is also PARTNERED and MARRIED with children! This had been going on for decades and it leaves one to believe that committed intimacy can be addictive because he thinks he´s happy (apparently)!

What next I ask you?

Joy in this lifetime? Improvement in divorse rates? Families with both parents living together?

Is there no end to this normal behavior that is obviously impacting our neighbors and family and touches the life of even Square Pants Bob and Mickey Mouse (which brings me to ask the question if Minnie is married)?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

...shocking instant awareness:

Are there ¨offspring¨ of Minnie and Mickey or have they been ¨living¨ a life of sin (Lord only knows what cartoon character illustrators, copy writers and editors do on their off time) see, we must be vigilant!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

...a further awareness after much further appraisal of the situation:

THIS MAN IS WHITE! As a so called ¨revisionist¨ I wonder if he has become aware that he must pay his bribe bounty for sins past to Archbishops Akinola and Orombi or his parishes will be confiscated and they will not approve of his ministry and uncommunicate? Being a Southener (you certainly don´t get more Southern than Mississippi) he will certainly have certain ¨instincts¨ that ought help him when facing the wrath of the Global South (sort of modified reverse thinking) suggestion would be for him to align himself immediately with TEC diocese of Puerto Rico and let Bishop Alvarez handle this mess...nobody screws around with Bishop David Alvarez and he will have a mentor (who has his own money already and won´t need to stick his hand in Louisianas collective recovery pocket/plate).

Erika Baker said...

Give it a few more years and Rowan will speedily criticise the election of any liberal bishop anywhere, straight or gay.