Dec 17, 2009

ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY: I happen to know that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Anglicans sometimes have ¨flawed¨ character too, just like you

Let´s attempt to have a spiritually and emotionally well balanced SANE conversation regarding human sexuality...we need not have *it* all ¨right¨ or have all the ¨answers¨ or even know many of the ¨underlying issues¨ but we do NEED to talk before society/maniacs run amuck (again) and there is oceans of innocent blood on OUR hands in Africa and beyond.*

Personally, very personally, I´ve spent a lifetime listening/watching quietly (mostly) to various people preach, slander, gossip, discriminate against, ridicule, demonize, demoralize and show general, and UNIVERSAL (mostly) contempt for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people. LGBT people who are quite often members of a immediate family, extended family, simply other students, coworkers, friends (mostly) but often sitting right next to YOU/ME in a pew at Church or on a Bar stool as we run away into a place of, often pleasing, hope, faith, temporary escape or instant insanity.

Please don´t get me wrong. I understand that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender human beings sometimes have ¨bad¨ character defects too. That would be just like you and Henri Orombi, Pete Akinola, Greg Venables, Drexel Gomez and many at the Gafcon/Global South crowd. Just like heterosexuals and everybody else. I also know that the SAME 10 Commandments are suggested, er, COMMANDED, for people like me and for people like you too. I´m trying to be ¨fair¨ even though I´m over-the-top after hearing/reading the spewed out nonsense from ¨religious like¨ gang who wish to murder some of OUR fellow Christians/human beings. I´ll settle down.

It´s time WE TRY TO STOP the insane LIES (for profit?) aimed against LGBT people that are currently blowing-out formerly healthier minds. It´s time to face the bigotry initiated at church and at the statehouse, when OUR so called ¨leaders¨ are encouraging the ugly acting-out of presenting/enabling HATE legislation and calling it Gods ¨will.¨ HELP! Such self-indulged expressions of inhumane bullying and feardriven arrogance are hysterically being demanded must be made into law against the ¨least of us¨ are just plain MORALLY WRONG, deceptive and spiritually unhealthy for everyone.

Some Preachers and some Politicos/supporters are frantically inciting folks to do harm and abuse fellow citizens and that is way out of line. Insane comes to mind! We can talk about it openly, don´t be embarrassed about the depth of this depravity against LGBT Christians/others. Bishop Rowan, and others, stop looking the other way in the face of MASS MURDER (in Jail or from the Gallows).

This morning, as I keep following the ongoing NEW proposed legislation directed against my fellow LGBT human beings, in Uganda, I was startled by the lack of SANITY (forget equality) and basic reason! YOU can´t miss it (if you are willing to look) because RIGHT NOW the Ugandan Parliament is calling for the DEATH PENALTY! HERE . Yes, Capital Punishment, for various ¨types¨ of homosexual behavior (that would be a list of various quirky/kinky types of sex that heterosexuals with twisted minds/virtues indulge in regularly as well). Then there is the anti-Homosexuality Bill ¨part¨ about spending LIFE IN PRISON for citizens who are ¨repeat offenders¨ of having sex with like minded/consenting adults! The ¨repeating of acts of love¨ would also be included in JAILTIME but not for heterosexuals. Priests, spiritual confidants, landlords, teachers and couselors who know YOU ARE GAY are to be sent to JAIL if they don´t report LGBT brothers and sisters within 24 wanna know why they are growing NUTS in Uganda? The population is being incited to fear and hate LGBT Christians and other Ugandan brothers and sisters.

After viewing the whole ugly fear and hatedriven lieing mess for a lifetime (from the inside/receivingside of the longtime/endless ¨hate/discrimination campaign¨) worldwide, I will offer a couple of observations:

The thing I noticed first, even as a small child, was that OFTEN people would ¨do¨ things differently than they said they ¨do¨...HARK, they were dishonest with themselves and others. Amazing, I had many glimpses of human nature and often it was of the ¨sexual¨ kind. Some I saw first hand. Some I turned my head away from in fear or disgust. Also I often noted prejudice against people of color too when I was instructed that we ALL were created equal, and are equal, what was that?. A remarkable Christian deceit was obvious in my little opinion as they hung black Americans from trees in the South I was told. On my travels to that part of the country there were signs that instructed we ¨White People¨ where to go to the bathroom or use drinking fountains...seemed odd to me that we ¨white people¨ couldn´t recognize where to ¨go¨...little did I know...little made sense, all wasn´t as it seemed to be for me and other people who were different than me.

HOMOSEXUAL or Heterosexual, not one of us wants CHILDREN ABUSED SEXUALLY! Don´t believe the LIES perpetrated against LGBT citizens, we are NOT RECRUITERS of CHILDREN!

Pediphiles are most often Heterosexual MEN and WOMEN abusing young girls and young men! Stop the lies, get the REAL facts (and legislate LAWS against Pediphiles...we agree)!

I once had a older babysitter who made me, yes forced me, to be her ¨boyfriend¨ and French kissed and have sorta sex over and over again, she was ugly and I hated her...a sad, sick and desperate lady. I was a small child and she a late teen teenager. I knew that she was unwell and I wanted her to stay away from me. I made up a sorta lie, said the babysitter was mean and she never came back after a few of her fantasyfilled ¨dates¨ with me...probably made me into a Gay person...let´s blame her (except I knew I liked boys better already).

Several times, as a child, I noticed my ¨integrated¨ neighborhood had childhood games of ¨Playing Doctor¨ were little more than getting down to the sexual aspects of one another...a innocent game of share and show sometimes boldly and sometimes shyly (you know, like human beings)...but always clandestine, always guiltfilled and under the radar...we always knew we were doing something ¨wrong¨ and would get in trouble if caught in the examining room. What could that ¨wrong¨ be? It wasn´t stealing, it rarely was coveting and it certainly wasn´t murdering one another and we didn´t know how to SWEAR AT GOD. Our wrong was that we were sexual human beings and we ALL definitely had our special preferences and interests in exploring. Childhood specialities. You see, somewhere in the midst of that childhood mumble jumble of children exploring oneanothers body parts I discovered I liked the boys better than the girls (nobody but me knew) innocent as it all was, I still knew the difference. I knew what pleased me and I thought I was different! I was different! I became my own secret that sometimes I kept even from me.

The hypocrisy and falsehoods began very early for me. Later I found adults like me, full fledged grown ups, like me, we still liked to play ¨doctor¨ clandestinely with EACH OTHER (albeit the exams were far more thorough). WOW, what a relief, there was a whole world of people like me who liked same sex intimacy. We grew up and it was MUCH MORE FUN than playing pretend! I wasn´t weird. I wasn´t strange. I was sexually interested in people like me...whew, adults like me were everywhere even though many lived their sexual lives secretly.

Early in my life I discovered that people often ¨preached¨ one thing and did quite another. Not so much at my house where we lived as sort of a All-American Betty Crocker family but out in the streets, in other Churches, School and amongst the others in the REAL WORLD where deceitful, clandestine deviant behavior ran rampantly. How did I know? I experienced it. I experienced the small intimacies that were SHAMED AND BLAMED when viewed in the ¨light¨...I payed attention to who thought/taught what was ¨right¨ and who did ¨wrong¨ and played pretend that *it* never happened...yes, even as a small child I noticed people had a sort of sexual amnesia, a tendency to be sexual, nervously joke about sex, sneak around, ridicule others (whenever possible) and take the FOCUS OFF THEMSELVES (where mostly it belonged)! It didn´t matter WHERE it happened, the World was filled with human beings that had all sorts of guilt and guilty reactions/ideas about sex and particularly nasty reactions when threatened to be exposed regarding their OWN DENIAL of SEXUAL REALITY! Note the Bishop of Rome and his legions of ¨invisible¨ LGBT clergy.

So the insanity continues. The lies. The Pretend. The Denial. The Anger. The Lashing Out! The Persecution! The Demeaning! The Shame! The Blame! The DEFLECTING of taking responsibility for ones OWN sexual actions!

The sexual insanity that seems to get worse everyday amongst the religious zealots and politicos like the Honourable Benson Obua Ogwal, of the Parliament of Uganda and
who are hyped-up by hate-mongering clergy and discredited/faux ¨scientific LGBT sex experts¨ HERE . MP Obua Ogwal will grasp at fantasy and lies to avoid REALITY! To make his ¨case¨ against LGBT Christians/others seem valid and just. The sexual insanity seems to work some fundamentalist folks into great fits of MADNESS while trying ever so hard to find LGBT family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances to SHAME, BLAME, SAVE, PAY-OFF and/or RE-PROPAGATE (redo inside and out when it is THEY who badly need spiritual HELP when determining right vs. wrong)! If all rehabilitation to their madly imagined SEXUAL CONDITION of ¨correct and holy¨ universal heterosexuality FAILS, well, they will kill LGBT Christians and others. Kill us because they are ill-informed, scared, popular bigots, and blowhards who lead their country with HATE...they hate being wrong period but on the subject of human sexuality they will go further and not-so-honorably-kill their brothers and sisters. ¨Honor killing in the name of a God who LOVES all of Gods BELOVED children. Insanity at Church. GENOCIDE for Christ (and re-election next year)!

When are we going to have a moment of clarity? When is the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams going to provide leadership based on Loving God and Loving one another and speak out STRONGLY against abuse, violence, fear and hate? When will we see the end to the massive hate promotion and anti-Homosexual GENOCIDE that is featured/encouraged as serious ¨legislation¨ and debated (like the topic was normal) at some of the most vile and corrupt cultures in the World today? Cultures that are Provinces at The Anglican Communion. Uganda, Nigeria, The West Indies (Jamaica), Rwanda (very experienced, recently, in the evil act of GENOCIDE and yet they go back for more demonizing of fellow citizens YESTERDAY and TODAY).

Archbishop Rowan Williams and ALL Bishops, Clergy and Laity:
Please help restore love, peace, good-will and SANITY to everyday life at ALL Provinces at the Anglican Communion/beyond.

Lord, hear my prayer (the answers will come, if we want them)

*You´re welcome to join in and share your opinions. Simply ¨comment¨ if you´re willing to speak in the ¨first person¨ regarding your REAL life experience(s) with Human Sexuality...I will delete bigots who pontificate with Selective Scriptural ¨passages¨ and other obnoxious/murder-mongering hate mail.

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