Dec 19, 2009

ATTN RELIGIOUS POLITICOS: The government of RWANDA has come out with a clear statement about NOT criminalising homosexuality·BREAKING/UGANDA too·

“The government I serve and speak for on certain issues cannot and will not in any way criminalize homosexuality; sexual orientation is a private matter and each individual has his or her own orientation - - this is not a State matter at all,”

The Minister of Justice Tharcisse Karugarama, Rwanda

¨He hastened to add that the government has held a meeting with its development partners on this particular issue and told them their position ‘which is that the government has no intentions whatsoever to criminalize homosexuality.¨

Emmanuel Kolini, the Anglican archbishop of Rwanda

¨REMERA - Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini has called on churches in the East African region to fight against homosexuality for the good of the society.

The leader of the Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda insisted that Anglican churches in East Africa will not mingle with the homosexuals in the affairs of the church for the good of the community.¨


U.S. officials have received assurances from the Ugandan president that he would work to block a harshly anti-gay bill from becoming law in his country and would veto the legislation should it come to his desk, according to the State Department.

¨DCAgenda, the Washington, D.C. LGBT newspaper that rose from the ashes of the venerable Washington Blade, reports that Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has committed to preventing the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill from becoming law on at least two separate occasions. According to U.S. State Department spokesman Jon Tollefson¨


A Communique from members of the Tradition of the Holy Trinity in Uganda regarding the anti-Homosexuality 2009 Bill pending at the Ugandan Parliament:

¨We cannot be silent. We cannot allow the government of Uganda to dictate its policies of hate and death to our Church¨

His Beatitude Theodoros of Alexandria, along with the intervention of honour afforded the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and with all other Orthodox primates in consensus, must immobilize, censure, and excommunicate the Greek Orthodox Vicar of the Archdiocese of Kampala, the Rev. Prof. Peter Matovu, and remove Archbishop Jonah from his throne as primate of the Orthodox Church of Uganda for misrepresenting and desecrating the sacred Tradition of the Holy Trinity through their heresies and apostasy against the Faith that "established the whole creation." Matovu is a well-known, overly-vocal, public advocate of and a co-originator of the pan-evil Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009.

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motheramelia said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. Some good news from Rwanda and that the Greek Orthodox Church has removed and excommunicated Matovu and the Archbishop seems to be a good strong action against horrible actions. Doubt if it will stop them though, they'll probably become Anglicans.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that the Church is more bonkers than the Rwandan government.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Revd Ivan,

My thoughts exactly but it appears that Archbishop Rowan has lost hit reasoning entirely...meanwhile, the alternate Lord of York is grandstanding, leaping out of airplane, camping in the nave, playing the piano with anti-Integrity lyrics (he sings, hark) and IGNORES the GENOCIDE law on the table in his NATIVE UGANDA (refugees from Idi Amin apparently don´t want to reflect on the past)!
I´ve got more, like Greg Venables pretending to be a Anglo-Catholic in San Joaquin and Ft.Worth while he has NO FOLLOWING with his Evangelical/Fundie mission in the Province of Cone-alone...afterall, when you have FEW LAITY, well, I guys got pick a pocket or two elsewhere.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Well, Leonardo, you know how it is. If you just get rid of the laity, you can get down to the business of running a church! (Kind of like the day at a hospital committee meeting when I said tongue in cheek, "Hey, here's a modest proposal. If we'd get rid of all the sick people, we'd have time for all this committee stuff.")