Dec 11, 2009

+ROWAN WILLIAMS ALERT: We´ve spent lifetimes listening to evil launched against LGBT Anglicans/others--stop it now! UPDATED 12/13/09

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, The Anglican Communion

·A Open Letter to ++Rowan·Expanded Saturday December 12th and Sunday, December 13th 2009·

Dear Dr. Williams,

I´m not the silent type any longer. I´ve spent decades listening to the bull-crap launched against LGBT Episcopalian/Anglicans and others. I´ve been guilty of listening quietly as friends were verbally assassinated, abused physically and discriminated against...I´ve been known to be a coward, that is, until my beloved loved one of fourteen years was murdered in a crime of hate eleven years ago.

On All Saints day, just past, I took another flowered cross to his tomb.

I´m no longer a coward. I stopped acting like you and ¨being¨ like you over a decade ago. I started taking responsibility for my personal ¨beliving¨ as well as my religious ¨thinking¨ and my everyday actions (especially the ones that harm others directly or indirectly).

As an Episcopalian/Anglican Gay person I suggest that you immediately QUIT taking POTSHOTS at OUR worthy and honorable LGBT sisters and brothers at the BODY of CHRIST...somehow you seem to imagine US to be defiant/noisy rebels and less pius/holy than you. We aren´t very holy I imagine by zealot or snobbish standards, but, in fact, we may be a step ahead in the substantial unanimity holiplace by being in complete agreement with most everyone as the holy spirit worked her way at the convention of the diocese of Los Angeles and beyond at The Episcopal Church/Anglican know, Bishop Rowan, WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE! When unanimous, everybody is of same ¨informed¨ mind and acting together as one at The Body of Christ without being threatened or intimidated by pontificating preachers with sometimes less-than-perfect/pure hidden personal flawed character driven agendas.

Many sacred fellowships consider unanimous decisions a sign of agreement, solidarity, and not only UNITY but the very voice of God...often, explanations, personal sharing, questioning (self and others) and the answering of ¨sensitive¨ subjects needs to be done to arrive at such a spiritually healthy and holy place as understanding one another, and Gods ¨will¨ for us with better´s a process for us and process of healing and´s informed unanimity and it can´t ever be bulldozed into ¨being¨ by a private club of some +selfserving/selfrighteous elitists and a handful of superstitious/dangerous Primates who refuse to listen to anything but the sound of their own tiresome demanding voices. It´s about caring about others enough to listen to them and learn from´s humility in action.

Please start paying attention to the REALITY of those of us ¨others¨ who love God and also love our neighbors in the spirit of gladness and UNITY in everyday life. Please stop abusing Episcopalian/Anglicans, please stop being snide to Americans and LGBT Christians everywhere...stop it now and start lifting up your head.

These small, but important, REAL actions of ¨informed¨ positiveness resulting in UNITY are being worked out on a person to person basis often with healthy minded non-despotic spiritual guidance and leadership...enlightenment IS occuring. The kind of enlightenment that has been ignored by several religious extremist PRIMATES and by you personally/, a teacher, a previously trusted leader, a knowledgeable man, a force that aims for is YOU that must make yourself more clear, and be more self-honest and learn how to say NO to bigotry, convulting truth and the generating exclusion at ALL levels of Anglican Communion life.

We´re not afraid to TRUST God and follow Gods ¨will¨ for us and that is the path that we are on...join us, put your fears aside and follow the ministry of inclusion that you once championed.

Dr. Williams, along the lines of playing PRETEND and operating in a quasi-spiritual WORLD of DENIAL and INTIMIDATION (that would be, as opposed to living in reality and recognizing that we ALL need spiritual counseling and help with our individual character/sin ¨issues¨ as those ¨issues¨ and ¨choice making¨ are presented to us in our Christian lives) I have some things to get off my chest.

·I will tell you that playing giftie exchange and kissyface with the current, and dangerous/manipulative, bishop of Rome is disgusting, distracting, seemingly ecumenically supportive but way beneath your honorable station to STAND with ALL ANGLICANS as Archbishop of Canterbury.

·Your insulting, silent=codependent=snitty=cowardly rejection of The Right Reverend Eva Brunne´s consecration as Bishop of Stockholm, The Church of Sweden, was a ¨perverted¨ action and misguided Church political scheming.

Physical Actions/non-action, done by you, Archbishop of Canterbury, that are NOT loving, not manly, not attractive or honorable/desireable when seeking to LOVE GOD and Gods marginalized.

You were chosen, by the British, to be our most visiable spiritual leader at The Anglican Communion. YOU have chosen to be a leader who shows great weakness while hiding and covering yourself in some kind of lofty intellectual selective scriptural/Church traditional overgarbed PAGENTRY that has NOTHING to do with being of service to those of us who LOOK FOR spiritual guidance and HELP at the Anglican Communion...that would be those of us in the everyday trenches of life who reach for spiritual guidance that will allow us to serve where we are badly needed (and wanted). You know, the laity, the common person, the frocked and unfrocked clergy serving one another whenever/wherever we can.

LGBT and Heterosexual Anglican/Christian/other lives were/are in danger.

In Jamaica DURING the ACC Meeting (Jamaica IS the murder hate crime capital of the Western Hemisphere) you ignored the grief around you, you denied the vileness and unhealty hate and remained speechless/silent in respect to the unjust bloodletting all around you as you pushed for more PUNISHMENT in the content of Part 4, Anglican Communion Covenant (a invention of dangerous Bishop Gomez, retired Primate of the hate/fear encouraged Province of West Indies/Jamaica).

Many LGBT Anglicans/others have been killed this year and last including in England (a large increase this year) and even Michael Causners bludgeoned to death murder, at Liverpool and DURING The Lambeth Conference (went ignored by you as you chatted on and on and on about things that most of us couldn´t understand but knew encouraged yet MORE power for Bishops who have yet to prove their worthiness on the subjects of Unity, Gods Love/Loving thy neighbor and World Peace) that you hosted while excluding +Gene Robinson of The Episcopal Church.

+Rowan, what many see in you, I think--although this letter is ONLY from me and reveals my thoughts about you--is a privileged ¨first amongst us¨ person who REFUSES to USE your Godgiven intellect/good sense and skills for educating and the enlightening ALL of the WE and faithful others.

·You have chosen the softer, yet more hardheaded, way, while no doubt using some kind of codependent compassionate thinking/logic that would keep the less educated unchallenged/unruffled and less called to ¨listening¨ as a sign of disrespectful respect on your part.

·You enable continous loyalty=encouragement to Provincial +despots who ignore or plot destruction against you (Nigerian/Ugandan Gafcon·FREEBEE· meet-up/conning fab comes to mind as the same disrespectful ¨+operators¨ boycotted The Lambeth Conference) and others of us at The Anglican Communion. You have found your very own version of a ¨crucified place¨ and I think it is time for you to climb down and start leading us into a NEW Anglican/other world era of gracious acceptance of others filled with PEACE and UNITY

You´ve had many ¨wake up¨ calls, yet you are drowzy when confronted by the REAL abusers and exploiters of others.

You have shown absolute arrogance to Episcopalians and exhibited little respect for our polity (and generally Anglicans in The Western Hemisphere and parts of the U.K.) and our Bishop V.Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. You pander to those who would kill, jail and castigate him, me and tens of thousands of others (ramrodding +Drexels Covenant Inquisition) as they/we reach out to serve God at ALL levels of Public and Churchlife (regardless of what you, +Akinola, +Orombi, +Gomez may think OUR TRUE character/integrity and ¨holy¨ worth actually IS).

YOU have judged us without knowing us, you have just now attempted to violate the spiritual worthiness of one of our Bishop-elect. You have turned your head to NOT see the dishonesty amongst some of the PRIMATES and the vicious excluders. You have played favorites.

You have played PRETEND when overwhelmed with obvious bigotry running rampant at various parts of The Anglican Communion where OUR PEOPLE are abused, harmed and live in constant fear and dread for their LIVES.

You, +Rowan, have taken the Commandments and reshaped them for what you think your immediate need of them may keep conservatives and their hate/exclusion alive while avoiding those who EMBRACE everyone including the excluders. Again, your way is not humble, your way lacks humility as others are is not up to you to make decisions, or NOT TAKE THEM, that ultimately may KILL OTHER Anglicans. Often REAL ANGLICANS are abused because of your inability to speak out TRUTH and object OPENLY to LIES against other human attempt to save ¨face¨ while pushing other ¨faces¨ down and into the mud because WE don´t do as you threaten that we must commit to do to make your life easier.

Building love, tolerance and acceptance for one another is hard work!

You have drifted far away from the great challenge.

+Rowan Williams, leave off attacking The Reverend Canon Mary Douglas Glasspool, her person, her confirmation and her consecration (unless invited or you show some willingness to become a full fledged welcoming Anglican) have already attempted to contaminate her election. Please STOP trying to infect others with your little Faith in LGBT people as proven by your shabby treatment of OUR brother The Very Reverend Jeffery John.

It is clear to me, as I speak only for me, that you are a untrustworthy spiritual counselor nor a real friend in Christ for ALL Episcopalians/Anglicans at The Body of Christ. You´ve taken the easy way, even when frowning your ¨understanding¨, and have harmed true Communion fellowship wherever you go by NOT SPEAKING OUT against greed, theiving, lies and the true responsible acts of love/inclusion at the have NOT helped feed the flock with wisdom for moral have sometimes allowed inhumane acts of superstitiousness to reign, ignored. Repent your wrong doing, it´s not too late (for any of us).

Lord have mercy on ALL of us at The Anglican Communion


Anonymous said...

Let's hope Rowan Williams finds himself and his faith. You are right in that he was elected as a spiritual leader. He's become a politican and has compromised and sold himself out ethically and morally. So much for having faith!Conservatives have held him to ransom and made him fearful. In the end it's is up to Rowan Williams to do what he knows is right. Let's hope it is sooner than later. He has to represent the Anglican Church and stand up for Gay Ugandans or this church is lost.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Agree with the above!