Sep 14, 2012

THE FUEGO VOLCANO: It´s peaceful, the air is clear today and we can see forever!

Looming above me, the Fuego Volcano is silent once again
Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all the telephone calls and messages yesterday when the Volcan de Fuego erupted.  It was a very dramatic eruption and many villagers were impacted on the Esquintla side where traditionally all the lava spill flows.

Fortunately, in our case, we live at the foot of the North side of the volcano and although we look directly up at the peak of Fuego the lava flow goes to the leftside, toward Alotenango, or down the back, Pacific Coast side.

A interesting fact is that although we live at the far South end of the Panchoy Valley we are still quite high up and experience Springlike weather most of the time.  Just 20 minutes down the hill, on the Southside of Fuego, is the Pacific Coastal region and it´s humid all of the time.  It feels very much like Puerto Rico weather just 1/2 hour from here and they grow sugar cane and other tropical crops.  That is the side where the lava flows down to when the Volcan de Fuego erupts.

Again, thank you for your telephone calls and concern.  We do have an evacuation plan if the going ever gets tough (and we have time to initiate it).


Leonardo/Len and Juan Carlos, at the ¨Foot of the Volcano¨


Anonymous said...

Was glad to hear that you have plans and should be okay, Leonardo. Sounds like you and Juan Carlos live in a delightful spot on the "good side" of the mountain.

You're properly blessed, friend. ;-)

In gratitude,

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--If I had known where to phone you, I would have. Have been frantic with worry for you and Juan Carlos. Good to know that you are safe and prayers ascending for those who had to be evacuated.

Hope I can figure out the weird publish passwords here.

Brian R said...

Glad to hear you are ok. Your living area sounds much more pleasant than I imagined being in a tropical country as it is.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Bonnie, Thank you so much for thinking of us and even worrying about us...oddly, I´m not ever afraid which is either plain stupid or plain full of trust (maybe both)..I think of you regularly and love to see your comments (especially at Episcopal Cafe where you nail things down real send my best wishes to you and yours...always, Len


Yes, it´s lovely here even in the rainy season (afternoon thunder showers) from May 15, just like clockwork, until November, late!