Sep 15, 2012

MINE IS BIGGER THAN YOURS: My Netanyahu/Romney conspiracy theory!

Romney and Netanyahu:  A bargain made in Hell?
My conspiracy theory is wilder than Josh Thomas and Rachael Maddows ¨How Romney Might Win¨

I think the Netanyahu ¨folks¨ started the anti-Obama ball rolling with ¨he won´t see me¨ crap (naturally it´s all about Benjamin as President Obama won´t schedule him in during the vital October reelection campaign). Suddenly the tacky gossip/propaganda and DANGEROUS Republican machine suggests that Israel thinks ¨America isn´t our friend¨  into the U.S. Presidential campaign (of course, it turns out Netanyahu says he didn´t say it)…then, hark, timing-is-everything, the inflaming anti-prophet movie is passed around (produced by a multi-felon-name-changer-for-sale) the Middle East…by YOU TUBE?

Many in the Arab/Muslim World have played into, or have been flat out manipulated, by the dark hand of those who would like us to believe that Arab Spring, the ¨ingrates¨, are treacherous friends (after all we´ve done for them) and the only person you can trust is Romney with his open check (read, irresponsible pandering for votes) written out and signed as a promissary note to Netanyahu of Israel.

Timing is EVERYTHING. Just so you know, Netanyahu´s popularity figures are at a ALL TIME LOW in Israel HERE- …his coalitions are falling apart and this guy needs a war, or a U.S. Presidential election, to make, and save, his day and get the popularity boost he needs to stay in power.

What no American needs, or deserves, is a Romney President who has lots of favors to repay to Netanyahu (clearly, much smarter than Romney).

It´s Netanyahu who can´t be reelected (he doesn´t want a new election now) TODAY! Netanyahu’s approval rating: The decline continues    Netanyahu desperately needs President Obama to fall in November to simulate his all world grand standing.

Israel is loaded with brilliant/honorable women and men who could easily replace Netanyahu after Obama is reelected on November 6th.

We need a better lead/partner in Israel, but until then, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM US as you are dangerous to our collective good will and wholesome National/World HEALTH!

I SMELL A RAT, OR MAYBE IT´S JUST THE SAME OLD SKUNK:  Pre-U.S. Presidential Election Troublemaking HERE


Anonymous said...

Interesting, plausible theory, Leonardo, especially when Ehud Barak, the Israeli Defense Minister, recently said that Obama has done "more" for U.S. security than any other American president. There is something underhanded and phony about the Netanyahu/Romney alliance. Of course, they're both rightwingers, so maybe they share the same horrible world view.

But what I came here to share is this: A Salon article by Bishop Gene Robinson, "Jesus would back gay marriage". I think you'll like it.

-- fs

Anonymous said...


Ehud Barak said that Obama has done more for ISRAELI security than any other etc.

(I need to proofread better.)