Sep 17, 2012

CANDIDATE FOR CANTUAR: A passionate proponent of mission and evangelism, Bishop Stephen Cottrell´s inclusive attitude and charm might be just the right prescription for the Anglican Communion and Church of England at this juncture? Lay Anglicana

Bishop Stephen, ¨I too have been drawn in to the group of his followers´ Lay Anglicana (me too, and we can see his face and look him in the eye. Leonardo Ricardo)

The Rt. Reverend Stephen Cottrell,   Bishop of Chelmsford
¨I have never met Bishop Stephen, but I too have been drawn in to the group of his followers. I became hooked one August, when researching a ‘thought for the day‘ for a service of Matins which I was due to take. I came across Bishop Stephen’s ‘Do Nothing to Change Your Life: Discovering What Happens When You Stop‘. I was entranced. Realising that I needed to quote a large chunk of it for full effect, I thought I had better ask the bishop whether he minded. So I, the smallest of small fry, emailed the Bishop of Reading, as he then was. I don’t know what I expected – a standard reply from a minion perhaps – but instead I had the most charming personal reply from Bishop Stephen himself, wishing me (I don’t think he used the word ‘luck’) as a lay worship leader...¨ please read it all, by Lay Anglicana, HERE

Bishop Stephen index.php has his own website, though I don’t think he has yet been persuaded to blog or twitter. His Wikipedia page is HERE

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JCF said...


Len, did you know that Warren Throckmorton (from your blogroll) had a heart attack on Sunday, and is having surgery?

Please keep him in your prayers...

Leonardo Ricardo said...

JCF, no I didn´t know he was ill. He´s been faced with a lot of tiresome nonsense lately. I hope the stress of constantly trying to keep clarity and honesty when dealing with anti-LGBT issues hasn´t been too hard on him...he´s quite the ¨fair minded¨ fellow and I admire him. My prayers ascending. Thank you, Len