Sep 6, 2012

PRESIDENT CLINTON ENDORSED PRESIDENT OBAMA LAST NIGHT: ¨...Americans are looking for, somebody who´s got a heart¨ Josh Thomas

Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama: ¨The pictures that tells you a thousand words¨
¨...I mean, presidents come and go, and four years from now America will still be here, and the devil you know is probably better than the devil you don’t, so pull it for Barack this November and walk out proud, with one of those little stickers, “I VOTED.

The Good Ol’ Boy said Barack’s the one, so even though you have never in your life known anyone named Barack, you can trust him. He’s okay. Lives two blocks over, solid citizen, nice wife. “I’m voting for him.”

Okay, Bubba. Good to see you again. Take care now, hear? Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

President Clinton endorsed President Obama last night, and I think it will be enough to carry the election.

There’s always the chance of an October surprise, but anyone who tuned in to the Clinton speech last night knows, that boy was born to be a rock star...¨ please read it all,   HERE   (emphasis added Leonardo Ricardo)

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