Sep 13, 2012

PRE U.S. ELECTION TROUBLE MAKING? I smell a anti-Obama pre-re-election rat or maybe it´s just the same old skunk!

Dr. Shapiro, a shrink I once went to for professional services,  always said ¨the spokes always lead to the hub¨

They hate us?

¿ Por Que ?

First it was our grumpy and/or jilted/blabbering buddy President Netanyahu/Israel and then suddenly a handful of ¨anti-American¨ instigators in Muslim countries where we´ve tremendeously aided their freedom!  What´s wrong with

Please, it´s starting to look like we best keep our enemies closer to us than our friends and let a the ¨who´s really behind this¨ investigation begin. 

Reality just takes some getting used to and it may be time for us to adjust to the reality of not-for-our-collection-own-good politics before we get sucked into another Iraq!

Nothing would surprise me as to the extent Republican politicos would go to for another reign of greed-terror-for-profit ¨Democracy Building¨ led by another Republican President. HERE


Anonymous said...

Agree about the possible election year rat behind the attacks, Leonardo.

But right now, having just read about the erupting Guatemala volcano, I want to know that you're all right.

Be well, be safe.

Prayers for Guatemalans,

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear fs,

I´m so happy to read your note. I hope you are happy and well.

The ¨Fuego¨ volcano IS hugely active and it´s MY volcano (that I´m at the foot of). So far, everything is as normal and the ¨spill¨ is going down the Esquitla´s very sad for the people there but it is a little daunting for all...I´ve been receiving telephone calls from all over Guatemala today as the skies are filled with huge clouds of volcanic ash...oddly, we have none at the foot of the volcano. We have a backpack packed in case we need to evacuate quickly and we have a lovely home to go to if needed as our friends are away for two months and insist we use it if we need it. I send you a big hug with the hope that all will be well both here and in Arab world...let there be peace for all and peace of mind too. Leonardo