Sep 25, 2012

THE CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE: Anglican Bishop Senyonjo/Uganda receives Global Citizen Award

The Rt. Reverend Christopher Senyonjo, Anglican Bishop in Uganda
Clinton Global Initiative has announced that the Rt Rev Christopher Senyonjo of Uganda is among the recipients of annual Global Citizen Awards.

¨... President Bill Clinton will honor recipients at the sixth annual Clinton Global Citizen Awards in New York City in a ceremony featuring performances by recording artists and appearances by heads of state and celebrity philanthropists. The Clinton Global Citizen Awards recognizes individuals from various sectors who demonstrate visionary leadership in addressing global challenges. Carlos Slim Helú, founder of Fundación Carlos Slim; Luis A. Moreno, president of Inter-American Development Bank; Denis O’Brien, chairman and founder of Digicel Group; Pepe Julian Onziema, programme director and advocacy officer of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG); The Right Reverend Christopher Senyonjo, executive director of St. Paul’s Reconciliation and Equality Centre; and Katie Stagliano, founder and chief executive gardener of Katie’s Krops, will accept awards this year.


The Right Reverend Christopher Senyonjo (Joint Honoree), executive director, St. Paul’s Reconciliation and Equality Centre, Kampala, Uganda. The Right Reverend Christopher Senyonjo is perhaps best known for his courageous advocacy on behalf of LGBTQ persons in Uganda. Bishop Senyonjo received his Master of Divinity in 1966 and his Master of Sacred Theology in 1967 from Union Theological Seminary in New York. From 1974 until 1998, Bishop Senyonjo was the Diocesan Bishop of West Buganda. He completed a Doctor of Ministry at Hartford Theological Seminary, which was key to his understanding of marriage and human sexuality... HERE

Anglican Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi/Uganda ¨excommunicated¨ retired Bishop Christopher Senyonjo and removed his retirement pension because of +Bishop Christophers pastoral counseling to the LGBT marginalized, terrorized and brutalized outcasts of Uganda.
Feb 13, 2010

Archbishop Orombi of Uganda: Do you intend to continue punishing Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo for his Pastoral Counseling to the desperate and often suicidal Homosexual outcasts of Uganda?

Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi of Uganda:

Do you know not what you do as you abuse others? Do you lie? Can you be Trusted? Why do you harm and abuse LGBT Anglicans/Christians and others? Why do you withhold the pension of Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo? Bishop Ssenyonjo served the Anglican Church of Uganda for 50 years! Why do you persecute Bishop Ssenyonjo?...¨ HERE

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