Sep 5, 2012

CONFESSIONS OF A GAY AMERICAN MALE: I love Michelle Obama (I really do)

Michelle Obama, America´s First Lady
I love you Michelle Obama. 

I admit to you that I do.

It´s true.

Your speech last night at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, won my heart. 

You touched my ¨innermost feelings¨ and I am much more alive today.

You tweeked my heart and my soul. 

You made me feel young again and full of hope.

It wasn´t just words that captured me.

You included me and shared your family and friends and your personal life experience with me.

You initiated a renewed zest for the living of life inside of me.  You validated my ¨being¨ and my desire for self-authenticity and my Gay pride accountability.

You included all of us.  It wasn´t just me. You opened the way for all of us no matter what color we are or how much money we have/don´t have,  and you wished our person(s) and families well and embraced and included all whom we love. 

You gave of yourself with emotional and spiritual wellness and gladness and made all of us better friends. 

I identified with you as you drew me closer to you and the whole world was watching you too...there were millions of witnesses.

Finally, I have trust in my lifelong wish for all of us ¨to get along¨ better with one another and become a continent sized, even worldwide, family of genuine and loving friends.

Thank you, Michelle Obama, my wisest and newest best friend. I´ll be voting by absentee e/ballot for Barack for President once again...I can´t wait to celebrate:  FOUR MORE YEARS!

Your friend,

Leonardo Ricardo
Leonard Clark Beardsley
Guatemala, Central America

UPDATE:  Michelle Obama Asks LGBT Elected Officials At DNC For Election Support HERE

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — First Lady Michelle Obama was an honored guest this afternoon at a Human Rights Campaign and Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund luncheon to honor LGBT elected officials attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.


JCF said...

Me too! Me too!

Grandmère Mimi said...

What a beautiful post, Len. Michelle Obama was all that you said.

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