Feb 13, 2010

Bishop Orombi of UGANDA: Do YOU intend to continue punishing Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo for his PASTORAL COUNSELING with Homosexuals in Uganda?

Archbishop Henry Orombi of UGANDA: Do YOU know NOT what you do as you abuse others? Do you LIE? Can YOU be Trusted? Why do YOU harm and abuse LGBT Anglicans/Christians and others? Why do you withhold the pension of Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo? Bishop Ssenyonjo served the Anglican Church of Uganda for 50 years! Why do you persecute Bishop Ssenyonjo?

Bishop Orombi, The Uganda inquistions chief doubletalking blowhard

The Anglican Church of Uganda wants the country's parliament to streamline existing legislation to protect the confidentiality of medical, pastoral and counselling relationships, including those that disclose homosexual practices.

¨The Church none the less describes itself as “a safe place for individuals who are confused about their sexuality or struggling with sexual brokenness, to seek help and healing.¨Henry Luke Orombi, The Anglican Province of Uganda Church Times, HERE

¨At the same time, the Church of Uganda is committed at all levels to offer counseling, healing and prayer for people with homosexual disorientation...¨ Archibshop Henry Luke Orombi

Bishop Henry Luke Orombi of Uganda has a very TARNISHED record and has proven dangerous and UNTRUSTWORTHY when abusing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Anglicans and others in the name of Christian service.

BISHOP OROMBI: Do you intend to make amends to the LGBT Anglicans YOU HARMED when you helped to crush the KITEMU COMMUNITY CENTER with Rev. Erich Kasirye (whom you later rewarded as Youth Minister for The Province of Uganda and later had serve to recruit/save TEC ¨unholy¨ parishes in the U.S.A.), his wife, Patricia Kasirye, and Colonel Josephine Luboyera?


Integrity USA and Integrity Uganda Joint Statement on Integrity Uganda Leadership and the Rev. Erich Kasirye

¨Leaders of Integrity USA and Integrity Uganda have been in joint consultation for several weeks concerning troubling accounts of the activities of one of the members of the leadership team of Integrity Uganda, the Rev. Erich Kasirye. Fr. Kasirye was among the founders of Integrity Uganda in 2000 and has served frequently as its chief spokesperson.

It is now, sadly, clear to us that Fr. Kasirye has been involved in a number of scams in order to raise money for himself personally using his connection with Integrity Uganda. In particular, in January 2004 he solicited funds from a number of organizations and individuals claiming to have been imprisoned because of his connection to Integrity Uganda, a claim which has turned out not to have been true. At the same time he has, in Uganda, publicly renounced his connection with Integrity to church officials and turned over to them the Kitemu Community Center, which has been the base of Integrity ministry in Uganda. Kitemu Center was built largely with funds raised by Integrity USA.

We do believe that Integrity Uganda remains a vital and legitimate expression of an alternative voice for the Church of Uganda and a haven for lesbian and gay Anglicans in Uganda.

The Rt. Rev. Christopher Ssenyonjo, retired Bishop of West Buganda, and Mr. Denis Iraguha, who has been serving as the President of Integrity Uganda, remain in leadership and have continued the ministry at a site in Kampala. We also believe that Fr. Kasirye's efforts in founding and building Integrity Uganda were honorable, and we are saddened beyond comprehension that he has broken trust with so many people.

It is important, however, for the many networks we have built around the world in support of this ministry, that we make clear that the Rev. Erich Kasirye no longer has any legitimate connection to Integrity Uganda, nor does his wife, Patricia Kasirye, or Colonel Josephine Luboyera, in both of whose names Fr. Kasirye has frequently solicited aid. In addition, the e-mail address is no longer available as a link to the leadership of Integrity Uganda. Our new e-mail address is integrityugcommitte@yahoo.com.

We extend our apologies to all those from whom funds have been solicited for illegitimate purposes in our names and ask your prayers as we seek to re-build the trust that is so vital for our witness. We are building new structures of accountability among us that we hope more adequately protect this trust.¨

Integrity Uganda
The Rt. Rev. D. Christopher Ssenyonjo, Chairman

UPDATE February, 2010:


REALITY/TRUST CHECK, February, 2010:

As we stand on the eve of Lent and gaze up at the cross, we may ask ourselves, “Are we one with the crucified, or are we complicit in the crucifying?”

¨We have sinned in letting others do the dirty work of building a climate of terror for us, without owning our Anglican complicity.

It is one thing to condemn this bill. It is another stage admit our common participation in the systemic persecution of a voiceless and faceless community within Uganda. Except for courageous clergy like Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo , the face and voice of this part of the church and her “good news” has been absent.

The Church of Uganda, in yesterday’s statement may not want to send Ssenyonjo or Fr. Gideon to prison, but their choice to become “the church militant” seems inevitable. They are isolating and silencing all who oppose their righteous march to the kingdom. Senyojo is a persecuted bishop in a church he has served for 50 years. He pleaded with two archbishops to put him on trial so he could make his case, but the silence continues. He is without pension and continues to pray with educate and support LGBT people and their families. He cares for the children of his son who like so many fellow bishops, lost their children to AIDS. No-one is reaching out to him. They are not listening to their own voices never mind the likes of Archbishop Williams or the Episcopal Church.

“The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church” is one of Uganda’s most famous inspirational choruses. Now the church militant is blessing the state to begin the martyring. Ironically, the church’s own history of persecution under Amin and others has now been passed on to the LGBT community and their families. Persecution will only make this little movement for democracy and liberation even stronger in Uganda and will not destroy it. Read your own history, listen to the stories of your ancestors and ask yourselves “Why are we persecuting in the name of God?”

As we stand on the eve of Lent and gaze up at the cross, we may ask ourselves, “Are we one with the crucified, or are we complicit in the crucifying?” HERE

¨The Anglican Church of Uganda wants the country's parliament to streamline existing legislation to protect the confidentiality of medical, pastoral and counselling relationships, including those that disclose homosexual practices.¨ HERE

The Punishing Room, Davezilla

Bishop Orombi of UGANDA: Do YOU intend to continue to persecute, punish and withold the retirement pension from (retired after 50 years of service to the Church) heterosexual Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo for doing PASTORAL COUNSELLING with Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Anglicans in UGANDA?

Bishop Orombi, just what kind of a man are you? Why do you harm other people? Why do inflict humiliation, suffering and pain in the name of your selfrighteous arrogance?

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