Jan 28, 2011

++OROMBI´S ANGLICAN PRIEST ¨GONE CRAZY¨ IN UGANDA: Rages against homosexuals being WORSE THAN ANIMALS at Anglican David Katos Funeral! Part Five

Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi ¨reaps what he sews¨
Anglican priest Thomas Musoke, one of Archbishop Orombi´s gang of ill-educated hate-mongering demonizers of LGBTI Ugandans ¨rages against homosexuals¨  while officiating at David Katos Funeral TODAY:

¨A scuffle erupted Friday at the funeral of a murdered Ugandan gay rights activist after the presiding priest charged that homosexuality is evil and will be punished by God."

Anglican priest Thomas Musoke, one of Archbishop Orombi´s gang of hate-mongering demonizers of LGBTI Ugandan Anglicans  ¨rages against homosexual less-than animals¨ while officiating at David Katos Funeral TODAY!
"You must repent. Even the animals know the difference between a male and a female," Anglican priest Thomas Musoke told mourners at the funeral of David Kato who was killed Wednesday at his home outside the capital Kampala.

"How can human beings claim they don't know the difference between a man and a woman and that the two have different roles?" said Musoke, to shouts of support by some in the gathering.

Musoke's role was already unwelcome to some mourners and his lengthy sermon that crescendoed with gay bashing riled the leader of the Sexual Minorities Group in Uganda, Julian Pepe, who pulled the microphone from the priest, sparking a scuffle.

Police moved in to quell the melee and whisked away the priest. An excommunicated priest (turns out to be Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, friend of LGBTI Ugandans and ¨excommunicated¨ by Archbishop Orombi for ¨ministering¨ to desperate LGBTI Ugandans) then wound up the ceremony attended by around 200 people, including US deputy head of mission Virginia Blaser....read it all ¨ HERE

"The world has gone crazy," the pastor told the congregation through a microphone. "People are turning away from the scriptures. They should turn back, they should abandon what they are doing. You cannot start admiring a fellow man."

Gay activists, wearing T-shirts featuring Kato's face with sleeves coloured with the gay pride flag, then stormed the pulpit and grabbed the microphone. "It is ungodly," the pastor shouted, before being blocked from sight.

An unidentified female activist then began to shout from the pulpit. "Who are you to judge others?" she shouted. "We have not come to fight. You are not the judge of us. As long as he's gone to God his creator, who are we to judge Kato?"  HERE

NEWS UPDATE TODAY: From Dublin, Ireland--Prayers for David Kato offered by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, Primate, The Episcopal Church
Appropriate ¨Prayers for the repose of the soul of David Kato¨ were offered by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, Primate, The Episcopal Church/Anglican Communion this morning at ¨Morning Prayer¨ attended and heard by Worldwide Anglican Primates at The Primates Meeting, Dublin Ireland HERE 

 Lord, hear her prayers for David Kato and for all who suffer injustice and abuse


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--I hope we are all lighting candles for David Kato. I read all of your comments over at The Cafe and said, "Thank you God for our Leonardo." Another one of your good and true crusaders for truth, justice and REAL!"

And while some are believing that ++Rowan has turned a corner with his statement, I think not. He always leaves a back door open and I think this statement was it:

"Whatever the precise circumstances of his death, which have yet to be determined,...." Me thinks the man is an ASS!

Thank God for our PB and for your strong unwavering voice.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--And just one more comment (rant) re ++Rowan. When Hilary Clinton made her statement this racheted up to an international incident. Otherwise, I think we would just hear crickets chirping on the ++Rowan front. Same as when Michael Causer was killed practically on his doorstep at the Lambeth Conference.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Bonnie,

I noticed it before in Zimbabwe--Rowan didn´t comment regarding the well-known political atrocities until AFTER the British Government made statement after statement against the despot Mugabe--just like hanging ALL the LGBTI people in the world out to dry, Bishop Rowan doesn´t like to soil his hands with reality--he´s busy imagining how things ¨ought be¨ instead of dealing with how they really are--besides, this man has no head for management and I think, only think, that he´s gullible too--being gullible is sometimes just another side of being feckless and lazy--therefore the responsiblity ALWAYS is put on to someone elses head--in this case, TEC. The man is codependent and defensive and a snide person who thinks because he has intelligence that intelligence gives him experience and skill--not true, he lives in a bubble with dangerous assitants filtering his information--no sense rocking the boat unless compltely necessary--like today!

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Everytime he opens his mouth I see these words coming out of his mouth: "Choice of Lifestyle" It is unbelievable and certainly IMHO geared to inviting others to be homophobic and vicious. So, whatever he says I hope people will see those words before they start trying to interpret his statements because they are all delivered in the context of: "Choice of Lifestyle"

I pray that no one will ever be gullible enough to believe anything this man says.

And I agree with all you have said except maybe the gullible part. I just can't cut him any slack.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

¨Choice of Lifestyle¨ part

It has concerned me from the very beginning that Rowan Williams spent six months at ¨Georgetown¨ studying and never visited a Episcopal Church...the thing that I see with phrases and ideas like ¨choice of Lifestyle¨ are ¨C¨ Street/The Family/Fellowship tainted info techniques--just where oh where did the ABC spend all his time in D.C.--I imagine we will never know but his major tendency to support the Global South emerged after his ¨study¨ visit to Washington D.C.--I think the man has become polluted and still, yesterday, he makes ¨conditional¨ responses as you mentioned above--real men with real virtue find no need to ¨guard¨ there ideas (especially regarding tragedy)...whomever watches this mans back and writes his speeches is an evil and twisted f-/k!

gayuganda said...


the 'excommunicated priest' was Bishop Ssenyonjo.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank You Gug,

I made the correction.

I hope you are feeling a little more peacful today--again we send our condolences to you and yours and ALL Kuchus, our friends and families.

Love to you all,

Leonardo and Juan Carlos