Jan 28, 2011

David Kato--Rest in peace my friend: ¨David lived his life on the edge with no protection from the sickening homophobia unleashed by political and religious leaders in Uganda and their supporters in the US.¨ Part Four

¨Rest in peace David. We remember you for your courage, honesty and unwavering commitment to the struggle for the right and dignity for all of us to be who we are. We remember you David for the beautiful human being you were. You will always live in our hearts.¨ HERE

·David Kato Kisule, Human Rights Defender·

¨The blood of David Kato is on their hands and on the hands of those politicians and religious leaders both in Uganda and in the US who have led the campaign of hate against LGBTIQ people: David Bahati, Red Pepper (Uganda’s tabloid newspaper); Martin Ssempa, Ugandan Minister of Ethics; Nsaba Buturu, Archbishop of Rwanda; Onesphore Rwaje; Archbishop Henry Orombi of Uganda; Bishops of the All African Bishops Conference; Prime Minister of Uganda Apolo Nsibambi; Rev Bernard Ntahoturi of Burundi; Archbishops Akinola and Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria; Peter Karamaga; the National Anti-Homosexual Task-force Uganda; Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni and his wife Janet Museveni; Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe; Pastor Mulinde of Trumpet Church Uganda; Lou Engle; Rick Warren; Scott Lively and Dan Schmierer of the ‘ex-gay’ group Exodus International; Jon Qwelane; Bishop Lawrence Chai of Free Apostolic Churches of Kenya; Sheikh Ali Hussein of Masjid Answar Sunna Mosque; the African Union’s African Commission on People and Human Rights who denied Coalition of African Lesbians observer status; and all those who voted at the UN General Assembly Human Rights Committee to delete the reference to killings due to sexual orientation condemning unjustified executions.¨

· Thanks to  Sokari Ekine
UPDATE:  "Such violence has been consistently condemned by the Anglican Communion worldwide." HERE  Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

¨With this inaccuracy, the Archbishop of Canterbury sullies his own statement.¨

Thanks to Thinking Anglicans HERE

MORE UPDATE FROM UGANDA:  ¨Pastor Shouts Against Gays At Kato Funeral, Fights Break Out¨

Hundreds gathered at the funeral for slain Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato today, where fights broke out after the Anglican Priest conducting the ceremony raged against homosexuals.
Anglican priest Thomas Musoke, one of Archbishop Orombi´s gang of hate-mongering demonizers ¨rages against homosexuals¨ at David Katos Funeral!

And so the vile hatred continues in Uganda as the so-called/self-called ¨religious¨ join the vertically corrupt politicians in posioning  minds and spirits against LGBTI Christians/others when and wherever they can including the funeral of  Gay hero DAVID KATO.

Lord have mercy on spirtiually and emotionally sick men and women in Uganda and beyond who do harm in the name of a God who Commands US to ¨love God and oneanother.¨  

ALL one anothers, all means all.

Thanks be to God for the unstoppable Courage of ¨Kuchus¨ in Uganda

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Anonymous said...

David Kato rest in peace, and strenght & wishdom to all brave people fighting for equel rights!

All people with good hearts deserve respect, no matter who they love.