Jan 26, 2011

UGANDA--David Kato Kisule Murdered: President Museveni and Bishop Henry Orombi -- Has the ongoing Official Church/State Persecution, Inquisition and Bloodbath begun to show ¨results¨ against LGBTI citizens? Part One

David Kato Kisule Murdered

“David’s death is a result of the hatred planted in Uganda by U.S Evangelicals in 2009. The Ugandan Government and the so-called U.S Evangelicals must take responsibility for David’s blood!”  HERE

Kampala, Uganda 
by Gay Uganda

¨I am in shock.

Literal shock. Just heard that one of our members, a prominent gay activist, an out and out man, who has been at the forefront of the gay rights movement in Uganda, David Kato Kisule was murdered. Dead, a blunt instrument to the skull.

Dead. In Lugazi Hospital at the moment.

What to do? Shock. Shock, shock.

So, I write, to try and express that which I feel. But, what can words express?

Kato. A disturbed friend. One of our very special brand of radical activists. He used to say that he was one of the very 'out' if not the first out gay man in Uganda.

And, yes, he was one of the people whose photo appeared in the Rolling Stone, one of the three plaintiffs who sued, and won the court case.

Yes, I am paranoid. I wonder whether it had any bearing. Whether that had bearing....!

Impossible, most likely, to prove cause and effect. We just don't know. And, we are most likely to strike out in our grief at the nearest enemy.

But, is it a coincidence?



Shock indeed.

Just settled down. Apart from trying to inform lots of other people who have already received the news. I have to settle down, get some rest, and then prepare for work tomorrow. Cannot just bounce off just like that.

But, I need to settle down. The shock, the realisation of all the things we fear, and brush off, and hope never ever to face. But, one of our own is gone.

Gone in a violent way. Gone, for reasons that I am as yet to know, or figure out... Oh gosh.


More settled now, but no less shocked. That is what it does to you, a sudden death like this.

David was apparently killed in his home, by a person or persons unknown. Yes, there is a suspect, or suspects. Problem with investigations in Uganda is the fact that what is not verified will always remain in the realms of conjecture.

What remains is that we have lost one of our most prominent firebrands. Indeed, he was on the front page of the Rolling Stone with Bishop Ssenyonjo HERE Remember, the one with the caption to 'Hang Them'. And yes, he was one of the three who sued the Rolling Pebble, and won.¨

Kato David Kisule. RIP

The Mourning Continues in Uganda and all over the World for David Kato Kisule--Shock in the System: David Kato Kisule -- Remembering Him HERE

“David’s death is a result of the hatred planted in Uganda by U.S Evangelicals in 2009. The Ugandan Government and the so-called U.S Evangelicals must take responsibility for David’s blood!” HERE

May God continue to protect LGBTI Ugandan Spiritual Counselor and Friend/Defender of LGBTI People everywhere, Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, Lord here my prayer


David Walker said...

This is just awful. I would imagine that David saw this happening as a distinct possibility. He knew the evil he was standing up to. May he now rest in peace.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

That´s what I think, David. How could he not know how dangerous it was/is to be dealing with religious extremists who are pumped out of their senses everyday by political junkies and superstious self-righteous religious morons in power--the responsibility for his MURDER lies at the feet of Ssempa, of +Orombi, of Bahati (Anglican) and of course the charming dictator President Museveni and his less-than-inspiring wife who is a MP, anti-LGBTI and First Lady of fundamentalist quackery! The CITIZEN with the COURAGE has just been murdered and will no doubt be remembered long after the religious grandstanders are dead.

Lord have mercy on the whole sick Ugandan spiritual/political mess (and their American instigators of fear and hate).

PLEASE PRAY for heterosexual Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo (excommunicated by Bishop Orombi) as he remains in real danger as spiritual advisor to the LGBTI Community and Integrity Uganda.

Lionel Deimel said...

Sad (and alarming) news indeed. Thanks for spreading the word. Do you suppose we’ll hear any condemnation of the act by Orombi’s good friend Bob Duncan? I guess not.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Bob Duncan? You mean the deposed Bishop of Pittsburgh who has become his own magical archbishop of marginalizing, demonizing and thievery? Such a less-than inspiring example of whimpering and cowardly spiritual illness for us to NOTE as REAL PEOPLE with REAL INTEGRITY are persecuted at The Anglican Communion, in Jamaica, in England, in UGANDA, in Nigeria and beyond--are we expected to believe in a loving God who shows nothing but MERCY while deadbeat religious opportunists are rushing around instigating acts of BLOODY MURDER? I think not, shabby bigots and thieves really aren´t much of example of living in humility and Grace.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks be to God we have people of Integrity such as David Kato in our lives who REPRESENT, by their very being, TRUTH, JUSTICE and DECENCY!