Dec 4, 2010

GAY UGANDA: ¨You can hate me all you want. But, I will simply not lie down and die because you hate me.¨

I try and keep TRUTH flowing regarding LGBTI people and their everyday lives in Africa.  Real life information for all to see/read at my blog.  There are many sources for factual/inside LGBTI news that help keep my quest active and honest.  Bloggers and information sources direct from Africa report on-the-ground fact regarding their lives.   These ¨truths¨ reported by real LGBTI people in Africa have become a matter of life and death for us to understand.  Unthinkable persecution is running rampant in Africa and directed toward millions of innocents who are living secret lives and are mostly unable to speak out and defend themselves freely

Opportunist Bishops and Politico ¨scavengers¨
At the Anglican Communion we have viewed endless slander directed against ¨Gay¨ Anglicans/others for years now--untruth/lies spread at Church that has been/are generated/repeated by many corrupt and opportunist archbishops, bishops, clergy and politicans.  

Men, and they are mostly men, who have launched a non-stop hate campaign that has now reached epidemic levels of fear and hate-mongering...a negative, evil and destructive bigotted energy that is promoting a massive acting-out with deadly consequences for our brothers and sisters in Christ/others.  Lesbians, Gay people, Bi-sexuals and Transgenders who have become the marginalized, the despised and the ¨abomination¨ for all to see and openly ridicule are in immediate danger and many have died. 

Think about it...all promoted by hateful religious people who harm, abuse and murder others with their despicable and ignorant gossip/lies and selective/misunderstood HERE   Scriptural superstition preached at Church.  

Lord have mercy

The ¨Kuchus¨ of Uganda
by Gay Uganda

¨...There is so much need all around me. I am a privileged person. I have internet. I have a job. I have an income. I have..., so many things which the rest of my people do not have. I am even sure that I will get a meal today. Reasonably sure.

So, why do I fight the wars about my sexuality? No worthier causes? [Well, my life might depend on it, life and liberty. But, I am a chameleone. I do not have to fight. I can blend in and hide for life. Yes. I can.]

And, this fight is a bitter one. So many chances of failure, of not getting through. The rewards? Uh, they can be bitter like lemons. Offered asylum to get out of the country? Or some regard by fellow kuchus? Or, the monies that many believe are my motivation?

Its complicated. Like the Facebook relationship status.

Why I fight, why I do whatever I do. It is complicated. Cant even begin to explain it to myself.

But, some news out of Africa. Maybe these things do offer a clue to the why of my 'fight'

The other day was World AIDS Day. And, the Independent ran this article. The bigotry that keeps Aids alive...¨ it all from Gay Uganda,  HERE

The Rt. Reverend Christopher Ssenyonjo,  the ¨Desmond Tutu of Uganda¨
UPDATE:  Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo does God's work helping LGBT people in Uganda

¨California Senate Resolution honoring his equality efforts to be presented Dec. 2 in San Diego

SAN DIEGO – The Right Rev. Christopher Ssenyonjo could have retired in 1998 as Bishop of the Diocese of West Burganda, Uganda, with his pension and the satisfaction of serving the Anglican Church faithfully for many years.

But in 2001, he felt a calling to help the young people who came to his private counseling service for advice on how to deal with coming out in this east African nation of 33 million people where homosexuality is illegal and where gays and lesbians are routinely tormented and harassed.

So Bishop Christopher, as he is fondly known and who is often referred to as the Desmond Tutu of Uganda,, was compelled to help the confused and frightened young gays who had mustered up the courage to seek his counsel.

The bishop, sipping tea this week at Caffe Carpe Diem in the trendy North Park neighborhood of San Diego, shared his fascinating and tragic story of how he went from being a distinguished bishop in Uganda to becoming an outcast in the Anglican Communion.

His outreach to LGBT people has cost him his pension, made him a persona non grata among Anglican religious leaders in Uganda, and the victim of homophobic lies that accuse him of being a pedophile who is recruiting 100,000 Ugandan children to become homosexuals.

A scandalous tabloid in Uganda called Rolling Stone (not U.S. Magazine) even put his image on the front cover of a recent edition that called for the hanging of LGBT people, putting his life in danger. Never mind that the bishop is straight, and is a husband, father and grandfather.

To his enemies, Bishop Christopher turns the other cheek. He believes he is doing God’s work – and so do many of his supporters across the globe.  HERE

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Yes, some are incredibly courageous in adverse circumstances.