Dec 18, 2010

Visions of Christmas Past/Present: Rowan Williams has failed to address the dangerous moral issues of excluding, bigotry, fear/hatemongering directed against LGBTI Anglicans

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
When I was a child growing up in the Pacific Northwest of The United States of America we enjoyed every Christmas with Snow.  We loved snow (at least in the beginning of the Winter Season) and I remember our Mom dressed us up in Leggings, Hats with Ear Muffs, heavy Winter Coats and Boots to face the freezing cold--off we roared into the whiteness wilderness of it all.  We were secure, happy and ready to make Angels in the Snow,  Snowmen,  Snow Forts (my favorite) to hide in/behind for the upcoming neighborhood wars featuring Snow Ball fights!  We felt especially warm, loved and secure at Christmastime.

Some of those Snow Ball Fights were great fun and they weren´t meanspirited. They remained games as long as the ¨players¨ weren´t vendictive or feardriven warriors acting on some stored up hatred, prejudice, jealousy and resentment that went way beyond fun and revealed sadistic behavior.

Innocent acts of play and fellowship sometimes became opportunities to punish, to humiliate and demean.  Just plain mean and sometimes even dangerous games of sadism and bullying that happen even today, this Christmastime,at The Anglican Communion.

Often in my growing up years--until today--I´ve found myself amongst people who have less than ¨normal¨ or ¨moral¨ good/clean fun on their minds when they endlessly slander, mock, demonize and even physically attack their own family members, friends, neighbors, schoolmates.  The abused friends and coworkers often are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex real people with whom we ALL associate with at all levels of society everyday.  Abusing others is no casual accident, no act of random violence, spite or hate. Bigotry is premeditated anger exposed. Bigotry is a spiritual and emotional sickeness in the raw, nothing less. Bullies of every national and cultural stripe often spew unfunny words and inflict emotional and physical pain/scars on others whom they fear and despise just because they are ¨different¨ from them.  We´ve seen it all before, endlessly before, lifetimes of persecution and primitive vileness directed against LGBTI people. Who stands with the victims of outcasting/marginalizing when they are abused,defamed, demoralized and despised at Church?  Who will say a kind word, provide a little reason, compassion and encourage justice and understanding for all?  Who will offer love and look hate in the face and stare bigotry down?

Not the Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, continues to play a deadly game of pretend/denial/placating vicious abusers of LGBTI Christians this Christmas Season, 2010.  Rowan Williams fails to address the deep moral issues and the blatant excluding, fear and hate-mongering directed against LGBTI Anglicans, our families and loved ones by those who terrorize at Church/The Anglican Communion.

Abuse of others is happening everyday at many provinces within The Anglican Communion-- every minute of everyday bigotry finds a way to harm others.   Our Anglican/other humankind family members are being tormented at Church while Rowan Williams looks the other way.

Persecuting of fellow Christians/others is currently being done by self-named ¨orothodox¨ ruthless/ignorant Bishops who make bigotted pronouncements that marginalize and outcast LGBTI Anglicans at the Body of Christ.   Bishop Rowan buries his head as a religious ¨equality¨ debate has become a deadly hate campaign launched against LGBTI Anglicans by the Gafcon-Global South Anglican gang

Archbishop Rowan mostly ignores hatecrimes resulting in injury and murder against LGBTI people.  Crimes that are  IN HIS FACE in Liverpool (during the Lambeth Conference), London, Kingston/Jamaica and/or Kampala/Uganda are deflected as he panders to superstitious primates who initiate lies, thieve from others, shame, blame and preach demeaning and death from the pulpit radiating anti-LGBTI spew.

Rowan Williams has turned a shallow/butchered ¨Lambeth 1.10¨ statement and  ¨Listening Process¨ into a instrument of punishment of LGBTI Anglicans in England, Africa, The West Indies, the Middle East and Southeast Asia...he remains silent in the face of large group persecution/discrimination and doesn´t seem to ¨listen¨ at all except to the urge others to honor his resentments against those with whom he disagrees over LGBTI equality at Chruch/beyond.

Dr. Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury is responsible for playing a political power game at Church/Communion instead of promoting basic human rights, love and tolerance amongst all Episcopalians and Anglicans thoroughout the amongst the Anglican Communion family everywhere ought not be ignored in favor of rewarding prejudice, discrimination and hate by pretending it doesn´t exist.

Anglican Hero Archbishop Martin Barahona, Bishop of El Salvador and Primate Emeritus of Central America
“The Windsor Report,” he said. “It’s just a report. When did it become like The Bible? The Covenant. Why do we need another covenant? We have the Baptismal Covenant. We have the creeds. What else do we need?” HERE

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