Dec 6, 2010

ATTN DREXEL GOMEZ and The Anglican Province of West Indies: Jamaica, ¨one of the most homophobic countries in the world¨ adds yet another bloody murder to it´s long history of rotting national morals!

¨Excluding¨ Global South Bishop Drexel Gomez, West Indies, chairperson of the Anglican Covenant Design Group --chief designer of persecuting/excluding LGBTI  Anglicans/others at all levels of Churchlife--
¨A member of a gay rights organisation has been found stabbed to death in the Jamaican capital of Kingston.

The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) said that the 26-year-old’s body was found behind an insurance company building on Friday.

He has not been named and the group said his family had not yet been informed, Associated Press reports.

J-FLAG said in a statement: “While the reason behind his death is not yet known, allegations are that his life had been under threat for some time.”

The group called for a full investigation into his death.

Police have not yet commented.

Gay campaigners consider Jamaica to be one of the most homophobic countries in the world. HERE

The Most Homophobic Place on Earth?

Though familiar to Americans primarily as a laid-back beach destination, Jamaica is hardly idyllic. The country has the world's highest murder rate. And its rampant violence against gays and lesbians has prompted human-rights groups to confer another ugly distinction: the most homophobic place on earth.HERE

· Thanks to Jamaican Gay Rights
· Thanks to Pink News, United Kingdom
· Thanks to Time Magazine
· Thanks to Tim Padgett, Kingston

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