Dec 23, 2010

Ugandan Anglican MP David Bahati's Pastor Friends Arrested: Rev Martin Ssempa on the Run for ¨false sodomy accusations¨ against the brother of the Archbishop John, Lord of York

LGBTI demonizer, Pastor Solomon Male arrested
¨A number of Christian pastors working with MP David Bahati to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 were interrogated today for trumping up false sodomy charges against Pastor Robert Kayanja in what looks to be a war between rival Pentecostal churches. Pastor Solomon Male was arrested and Pastor Martin Ssempa may be on the run from the police.

Anglican and Member of Parliament ¨Kill the Gays¨ David Bahati
Plain clothes detectives stormed Male’s office on the second floor of Span House in Kampala at around 1:30pm and asked him to go with them to Central Police Station (CPS).
Male’s pleas that he was busy attending to his clients, who needed counselling services, fell on deaf ears.

He was later driven to CPS in a Saloon car with private registration numbers.
At CPS, the detectives informed Male that he was heading to Buganda Road Court to be charged. That is when he demanded to notify his lawyers.

His arrest followed advice from the Directorate of Public Prosecution that Male, together with seven others, be charged for reportedly making false allegations against Pastor Robert Kayanja.

Pastor Martin Ssempa, on the run
In a letter to the director of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), principal state attorney Margaret Nakigudde said pastors Male, Martin Ssempa, Bob Kayira, Michael Kyazze, their lawyers, Henry Ddungu and David Kaggwa, together with David Mukalazi and Deborah Kyomuhendo face charges of conspiring to injure Pastor Kayanja’s reputation.

The two lawyers were included for allegedly commissioning false affidavits.
Nakigudde said four sodomy files opened against Kayanja at CPS were closed for lack of evidence to warrant prosecution, and that Robson Matovu, together with all the alleged sodomy victims were medically examined but no evidence of anal penetration was found...

Unconfirmed reports indicated that Police had earlier in the day been hunting for Pastor Ssempa, but he reportedly eluded them.

Pastor Robert Kayanja son of the late Rev. Walakira and brother to the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu
The alleged victims of sodomy confessed that they had been told to lie about Pastor Robert Kayanja by the pastors under interrogation.

“Pastor Kayanja has no case because all six complainants who reported to the Police have retracted their complaints, saying they were set up by some pastors. We shall proceed with the case when any other person comes up with a complaint.”

The Police listed Samson Mukisa, David Mukalazi, Brian Ntwata, Robson Matovu, Ronnie Mutebi and Brian Ankansima as people who have since retracted their statements.
Ochom warned of stern measures against people who tell lies to the Police.
“These people have been summoned to explain...” read it all HERE

There Otta Be A Law

Schismatic Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi, spiritual counselor to Anglican MP ¨Kill the Gays¨ David Bahati. Bishop Orombi ¨knows what God knows¨  click here and see HERE
¨Poisonous efforts¨ at The Anglican Communion are easy to spot in Uganda!  Just ask Bishop Samuel Ssekkadde, Diocese of Namirembe and Archbishop Orombi!

Fr. Erich ¨Anglican/Ugandan Ecclesiastical Protection Solicitor¨ Kasirye and wife Patricia  (aka Colonel Josephine) 

Do you remember Archbishop Henry Orombi´s trusted servants Rev. Erich Kasirye and his wife Patricia (aka known as Colonel Josephine Luboyera)?  Eric and Patricia/Josephine serve/served as Anglican Church of Uganda fundraisers for ¨Ecclesiastical Protection from Poisoness Americans¨  as well as being ¨LGBTI Scammers¨  and watchdogs for other potentially profitable evil! 

Bishop condemns ¨riddled with corruption¨ Anglican Church of Uganda

Masereka (second right), Bishop Jackson Tembo and their wives during the celebrations
¨The retired Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Zebedee Masereka, has lashed out at the Anglican community in Uganda, saying it is riddled with corruption.Bishop condemns corruption in churches...¨ read it all, HERE

Martin Ssempa, Anti-Gay Preacher and supporter of  David Bahati´s ¨Kill the Gays¨ law before the Ugandan Parliament

UPDATE:  Pastor Martin Ssempa Charged With Blackmail

¨Uganda's notorious Pastor Martin Ssempa, who infamously tells national audiences that the preferred sexual practice of gay men is eating human feces, has been charged with attempting to blackmail another pastor. Ssempa is accused of offering to pay another man to say that he had "been sodomized" by Pastor Robert Kayanja. A total of eight anti-gay Christian activists have been charged in the case. ¨ HERE

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