Dec 28, 2010

ATTN ANGLICAN COMMUNION: Bishop Ssenyonjo/Uganda amongst top group of RELIGIONS 10 MOST INFLUENCIAL PEOPLE IN 2010

Anglican Hero, Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, Uganda
¨As Uganda considered a bill that would make homosexuality a capital offense, Ugandan Bishop Senyonio stood up for LGBT rights. As a result he has been the target of death threats and condemnations. The Bishop demonstrates what it means to have the courage of conviction, and faith enough to side with those whom Jesus called “the least of these.¨

Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, Uganda, ¨influences our beliefs and our collective lives¨
Religion is by definition a communal endeavor. Yet there are always individuals who by conviction, action or fate are placed in a position to influence our beliefs and our collective lives. At HuffPost Religion we have been following the people in this list for the last year and recognize their extraordinary influence in America and around the world...

To those with great influence, comes great responsibility. We hope that all who hold influence within religion will exercise it with inspiration, moderation and concern for the common good.¨ HERE  

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

And where is Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, in all of this? Fussing and steaming about his very own ridiculous ideas of Anglican propriety...meanwhile Lambeth Palace symbolically burns to the ground!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

AND..LGBTI Episcopalians/Anglicans throughout the world are persecuted, demonized and often murdered--Rowan Williams remains irresponsible and silent!

chgorich said...

Dear Leonardo,

I want to wish you and Juan Carlos and your friends in Antigua a very Happy and Blessed New Year filled with joy and hope and faith. I send you my warmest greetings.

Ricardo of Chicago USA