Jan 31, 2011

UGANDAN ARCHITECTS OF HATE: Hate and Then Hope After Ugandan Activist David Kato's Murder, Part Seven

The Hate:
Anglican David ¨Kill All The Gays¨ Bahati, Member of Parliament and ¨Architect of Hate¨
American Holocaust Revisionist, ¨Pastor¨ Scott Lively, ¨Architect of Hate¨

Ugandan Anglican Priest Erich ¨Ecclesiastical Protection¨  salesman and wife Patricia Kasirye (aka Colonel Josephine Luboyera) , ¨Architects of Hate¨ HERE
Ugandas Anglican Archbishop ¨Knows What God Knows¨ Henry Orombi,  ¨Architect of Hate¨ (spiritual advisor to ¨Kill All the Gays¨ David Bahati and Kasirye operatives )
Pastor Martin ¨Eat the Poo Poo¨ Ssempa, ¨Architect of Hate¨
James ¨No Human Rights for Gays¨ Nsaba Buturo, ¨Ethics Minister¨ and ¨Architect of Hate¨
¨All the key architects of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 have spoken about David Kato's murder and are using it to further their agenda of hate. But there is hope. David Kato's funeral feels like a stonewall moment for Uganda's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community.¨ HERE

 Giles Muhame, publisher of slanderous tabloid, holding the Rolling Stone (not U.S. Magazine) with the picture of David Kato, murdered last week,  and the picture of excommunicated Anglican Hero Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo (under the diagonal yellow ¨Hang Them¨ Banner)
 The Hope:

¨We challenged everything in our society that stands between us and being accepted for what we are. Gay activists in Uganda are quarrelsome and militant. Many in the mould of David Kato. And, it was very much in evidence at the funeral.

I cannot understate how historical what happened was...

We stood up, reached out, and broke the mould of what is expected of us as Gay Ugandans. We actually came out.

And, I cannot downplay what happened at the funeral.

The preacher. From the Church of Uganda, Anglican. With his message of 'repent'.

Of course, our reaction was predictable. And, taking the mic out of the guy's hands was the least that we could have done. He desecrated David Kato's funeral. And, he was throwing mud in our grief, simply because he felt, he believed that we should 'repent'. Served him right, the embarassment.

But, I guess he will not see it like that.

The locals refused to bury David. So, we went ahead and did the honours.

And, it was all faithfully taped and on the evening news, here. NTV.

Big deal? Of course.

The rejection. Our reaction. And the fact that the world saw... but also Ugandans saw what happened.

It is a homophobic country. We exposed ourselves. And, we put our finger in the eye of traditionalism and 'conservatism', and did our thing.

Is it significant?

You bet you it is....!¨ read it all HERE

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Thanks for writing. However, i would like to point out that the person in the last photograph is not the late David Kato.
It looks more like Giles Muhame, editor of the now toothless homophobic tabloid, the Rolling stone.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you, correction made.