Jan 29, 2010

REMINDER FROM THE REVEREND COLIN COWARD: ¨Never lose faith in Christ, whose unconditional love embraces all of us.¨

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury poses with some of the LGBT demonizing/marginalizing Bishops at The Lambeth Conference

¨What is the Communion avoiding now?¨

¨The most strident voices in the Communion are either demonising homosexuality or trying to marginalize the pro-gay Christian experience by presenting ex-gay ministries as the solution...¨

Bishop Akinola of Nigeria, who endorses the ¨criminalizing¨ of LGBT citizens pictured with his U.S. CANA ¨Hooligan Children¨ campaign designated accomplice, Martyn Minns+.

¨...The majority in the Communion would like to be persuaded that there is no such reality as homosexuality, no gay gene to prove that I exist in my gay identity.

What a contrast with Church of England bishops in the 1950s. At least they were under no illusion as to the reality of homosexuality and the effect on a minority group of criminalizing sexual activity...¨

¨May I wholly inadequately apologize to my sisters and brothers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered for the cruelty and injustice that you have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of us, your fellow Anglicans; I am sorry. Forgive us for all the pain we have caused you and which we continue to inflict on you." Desmond Tutu, The Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town and Winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Bishop Akinola and Bishop Orombi of Nigeria/Uganda constantly aspire, and openly campaign, to inflict cruelty and injustice on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Anglican/other African Christians and others beyond Africa.

¨...It has been left to the secular realm and to a minority of courageous Provinces and Christians to maintain the campaign not just for equality but at the moment for the very survival of LGBT lives in Africa. Christians who dare to make the case for LGBT people and exemplify mature, adult gay experience and ideals are vilified...¨

Bishop V.Gene Robinson, The Episcopal Church Diocese of New Hampshire, Openly ¨Gay and Partnered¨

The Reverend Canon Mary Glasspool Suffragan Bishop-elect of The Episcopal Church Diocese of Los Angeles, Openly ¨Lesbian and Partnered¨

¨...So what lesson can we draw from five decades of Anglican history? Never, never let the Communion forget that the Body of Christ includes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Never, never allow the church off the hook, never let the church escape judgment for its prejudice towards LGBT people. Never lose faith in Christ, whose unconditional love embraces all of us.¨ By The Reverend Colin Coward, HERE

Retired Archbishop Drexel Gomez of the LGBT ´Crimes of Hate´ Bloodrenched (number one in the Western Hemisphere) Anglican Province of JAMAICA and the West Indies is the co-chairperson the The Anglican Communion Covenant which sets out to castigate and eliminate LGBT ¨inclusive¨ Provinces at The Anglican Communion.

Lionel Deimel, click HERE,¨No Anglican Covenant¨

´The Windsor Report,´ he said. “It’s just a report. When did it become like The Bible?

´The Covenant´ ¨Why do we need another covenant? We have the Baptismal Covenant. We have the creeds. What else do we need?”

Archbishop Martin Barahona, the Primate, Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central America

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Anonymous said...

Ex-gay ministries seem to be increasing. They are a wicked and evil influence causing untold misery. They should be made illegal.

Anonymous said...

Post - gays are being used more and more by conservatives so they themselves will not be criticised as bigots. Conservatives see it as a way of providing evidence based data. It proves nothing. It is embarrassing to see someone having to lay themselves bare by talking about how he was sexually broken. All you see is a man in a life long battle, grappling with his sexuality and a poor woman being used to confirm (in his mind and to the world) his heterosexuality. Producing children proves that he can ejaculate but so can stud animals.
At best it appears as an arranged marriage and many of them survive if the wife remains inexperienced and of course faithful to her husband (and knows no better). It's a shame Christianity pushes for arranged marriages instead of loving marriages.
I think heterosexual clergy should get up and talk about what makes heterosexuality so great and I think they would find that regardless of sexual orientation, all people feel the same things in a loving relationship.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Completely agree, as always. Keep up the Good Fight (Bonum certamen certavi)!

Doorman-Priest said...

What has the church come to? So much for a beacon on a hill!