Jan 8, 2010

EVANGELICAL WARFARE: American ¨selective¨ Scriptural bigots are spreading slander and lies in Uganda, Nigeria, Jamaica and our own communities!

American Fundamentalist/Filth Spewing Christians are not content with ONLY TWO U.S. Wars...these ¨self and sex-obsessed¨ religious fanatics have plotted/initiated the All-Africa Hate Inquistion, Fear Crusade and THE GREAT HUMAN SACRIFICE/HATE CRIME FRAME UP in a neighborhood near YOU! Who will notice their self-styled-God-appeasing GENOCIDE against LGBT people as Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Christians are being blownup and sacrificed in Iraq, Iran, Israel/Palestine, Pakistan and Afghanistan and elsewhere in the World every day?


Scott Lively is the deadly author of the anti-social fictional, Holocaust revisionist trash entitled the The Pink Swastika

¨Let me be clear: Gay people as a group had nothing to do with the Holocaust. The “gay agenda” is full legal equality and the safety to live our lives without fear of harm. Not only are gay people as a group NOT “anti-Christian,” a remarkable number of American GLBTQ people are Christians themselves (in spite of the abuse they often take from fellow “Christians”).

And make no mistake about it: What Scott Lively and his cohorts are doing is dangerous to the safety and well-being of GLBTQ people, both in Uganda and the United States. It’s also harmful to any one who listens to him, since it leaves them ignorant, frightened, and completely unprepared to live in a diverse society.¨ Sacramento News and Review, click HERE


¨Uganda’s government, which has a shameful record of discrimination against gay men and lesbians, is now considering legislation that would impose the death sentence for homosexual behavior. The United States and others need to make clear to the Ugandan government that such barbarism is intolerable and will make it an international pariah.

Corruption and repression — including violence against women and children and abuse of prisoners — are rife in Uganda. According to The Times’s Jeffrey Gettleman, officially sanctioned homophobia is particularly acute. Gay Ugandans are tormented with beatings, blackmail, death threats and what has been described as “correctional rape.”

The government’s venom is chilling: ¨Homosexuals can forget about human rights,¨ James Nsaba Buturo, who holds the cynically titled position of minister of ethics and integrity, said recently... The New York Times, click HERE

Puritan extremist/hatefilled Americans and some overseas Christian zealot well-paid accomplices are ¨selective¨ Scriptural bigots, opportunists and thieves. They often spew/preach/spit slander with grossly ignorant/intolerable lies (Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi/Uganda, I´m playing your song) against OUR LGBT family members, loved ones, coworkers/worshipers and friends...part of the ¨Beloved¨ amongst all of the ¨Beloved¨ are inferior and disponsable and ¨abominations¨ according to this ¨selfrighteous¨ gang.

Archbishop Pete Akinola/Nigeria, Archbishop Henry Orombi/Uganda

PURPOSE DRIVEN RELIGIOUS INSANITY (Grandstanding, Slandering, Outcasting, Theft and Murder)

Archbishop Drexel Gomez, former Primate of LGBT blooddrenched Anglican Province of JAMAICA/West Indies (number ONE leader in Crimes of Hate in the Western Hemisphere against LGBT people).

+Drexel is Chairperson on The Anglican Communion ´Covenant´ Inquistion document/pogrom promoted by dangerous Gafcon/Global South Provinces (extremists with whom he is allied) who would exclude and outcast LGBT people who are ¨called¨ to participate at ALL levels of Christian church life.

¨You know, just in case there was any doubt that, like here in America, Uganda's gay hatred is based in misguided Bible teachings.¨

¨If Uganda's Gays Kept Their Disgusting Lifestyle 'Behind Closed Doors,' The Law Wouldn't Be Necessary¨, read it all, click HERE

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Kirkepiscatoid said...

Leonardo, I was thinking about my post yesterday...a lot of these Ugandan Bishops look a lot to me like hyenas wearing their "Great Speckled Bird" suits, don't they? sigh

Leonardo Ricardo said...

¨I'm convinced of one thing--the real Great Speckled Birds in this world do not even realize they ARE Great Speckled Birds. The real Great Speckled Birds in a parish are the people who simply do what they do, and credit others. They say, "Aw, it's nothing," and really believe it was nothing in their own minds, yet it was something. When they look in the mirror, they just see light gray, with nary a speckle on them. They are the angels with muddy feet and crooked, rusty halos. They are the lights that shine in the darkness.¨ K

I love this, especially the rusty halos amongst us.

How devestating it is to discover one is a hyena after indulging in a great predatory feast of rotted belief...makes soulsickness so great there is no place to run and no place to RUN AWAY (and hide)...ah, but that´s exactly the moment when the hatching season begins in the safe nest (out West?) of the Great Speckled bird...some self-deceptions can be more self-revealing than others but the secret to peace is still in the Thou Shalt Not Kill and Loving Thy Neighbor sky ¨high.¨

check it out:


Doorman-Priest said...

As chilling and disturbing as ever!
How Long O Lord?