Jan 22, 2010

U.S. SUPREME COURT ¨TRUST/VIOLATION¨ ALERT: The Supreme Court ushered in a Plutocracy yesterday-- could Dominionism* be far behind? UPDATED!

Archbishop of Washington Donald Wuerl (Roman Catholic) walked with Chief Justice John Roberts after the celebration of the annual Red Mass in St. Matthew Cathedral in Washington yesterday. The Mass commemorates the beginning of a new term of the Supreme Court. (Joshua Roberts/ Reuters)

¨The Supremes undid a century's worth of campaign finance reform yesterday. From now on, the United States really will be the best republic money can buy...¨

¨...I'm not counting on our legislators to do the right thing, or to even find the nerve to do it.¨ By Doug at ¨Counterlight Peculiars¨ click HERE

Chief Justice John Roberts of The United States Supreme Court (on the left)

Associate Justice Clarence Thomas of The United States Supreme Court (on the left)

Justice Thomas, Citizens United and Those Scary Gay People

¨That's right: were there four more Justice Thomases, not only could corporations engage in unlimited pro-candidate speech, but individuals could give unlimited amounts to candidates -- and they could all do so completely anonymously.

Too often, Justice Thomas gets accused of being an unthinking automatic second vote for whatever Justice Scalia says. Untrue. He's his own unique sphere of wrongness, and not even Scalia, Alito, Kennedy or the Chief Justice were willing to follow him on this one.¨ By Adam B, Daily Kos, HERE

How Justice Clarence Thomas Screwed Gay Rights and Democracy

¨Justice Clarence Thomas? He just did a little dance, because the case allowed him to throw a bone to his corporate friends, and throw a bomb at LGBT activists. Turns out that there are bad Supreme Court decisions. And then there are dissenting opinions from Justice Thomas that are even worse.

Don't get us wrong -- when we say dissenting, we don't mean in a good way. See, Justice Thomas was down with the idea of giving corporate actors free reign when it comes to election spending. He dissented because he wanted to take the ruling even further to say that not only can corporate actors spend willy-nilly, but they should be able to do so anonymously without disclosing their identity.

And to put a cherry on top of that decision, Justice Thomas blamed the rationale behind it on LGBT people!¨ HERE

¨Thursday the Supremes decided that, in the interest of protecting their freedom of speech, corporations can pour unlimited amounts of money into our political system. The reasoning hearkens back to earlier decisions by the court that corporations should have the same rights of people...¨

¨Immortal¨ former Vice President Dick Cheney.

¨...Which works great, assuming you want to enfranchise immortal people who have immense wealth and no consciences. By Ali Davis, ¨Goliath Wins¨ HERE

¨...The more the monied interests in America get access to the political process, the worse off minorities and poor people will be. Today’s decision was a scary one for the left in this country. It will require a huge amount of fundraising work on behalf of liberal candidates to attempt to outdo this political shift.¨ By Emma Ruby-Sachs, HERE

¨Grass Roots¨ fundraisers--can/will they compete successfully against anonymous Corporate ¨Special Interests¨ who aim to exploit fellow U.S. citizens for monetary gain?


Dominionism describes, in several distinct ways, a tendency among some conservative politically-active Christians, especially in the United States of America, to seek influence or control over secular civil government through political action—aiming either at a nation governed by Christians, or a nation governed by a conservative Christian understanding of biblical law. The use and application of this terminology is a matter of controversy.¨ HERE

President Barack Obama of The United States of America and ALL Americans

The Supreme Court says corporations are people, and corporate spending on political campaigns is the same as free speech. Here's what Barack Obama said in Audacity of Hope, when he was halfway between a community organizer and president:

¨I've never been entirely comfortable with the term "special interest," which lumps together ExxonMobil and bricklayers, the pharmaceutical lobby and the parents of special-ed kids. Most political scientists would probably disagree with me, but to my mind there's a difference between a corporate lobby whose clout is based on money alone, and a group of like-minded individuals - whether they be textile workers, gun aficionados, veterans, or family farmers - coming together to promote their interests; between those who use their economic power to magnify their political influence far beyond what their numbers might justify, and those who are simply seeking to pool their votes to sway their representatives. The former subvert the very idea of democracy. The latter are its essence.¨ The Audacity of Hope, p. 116 in my paperback Three Rivers edition, HERE

Citizens United Reveals the Danger of Our Right Wing Supreme Court

¨Shortly after George W. Bush was re-elected in 2004, a friend of mine said, "Well, at least we'll be rid of him forever in four years." My response was, "I wish." Although it's a tiny part of any presidential campaign, presidents leave a lasting impression on the future of America through their appointments of Supreme Court justices, who serve for life. I knew that Bush's re-election meant that his extreme right wing views would haunt us on the nation's highest court for decades. And sure enough, within two years, Bush had the opportunity to appoint two exceptionally right wing justices, John Roberts and Samuel Alito, to the Supreme Court, joining fellow extreme conservatives Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.¨ Mitchell Bard, Citizens United, HERE

·UPDATED on SUNDAY: Coup d´Etat in The United States of America

¨...A worrying factor in the background is what is generally called Dominionism. The efforts, since a few decades back, by some Calvinist Sects to establish the OT (Old Testament) laws of men as the law of the land, proscribing the Civil Rights of women, gays, and so on. More on that in the next post.¨ GÖRAN KOCH-SWAHNE, HERE


·UPDATE ON HIJACKING OF THE AMERICAN ¨DEMOCRACY¨: Stop the Court and Big Business from Hijacking Democracy

¨...I'm a blogger and writer. There are thousands like me. Together we have the power to keep corporate America from destroying our democracy. We can unleash the righteous anger of the population in a way that will make the "Tea Parties" look like a Sunday school picnic!¨ read it all by Frank Schaeffer, HERE

Keith Olbermann on the Supreme Court Decision

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