Jan 1, 2010

INSULATED FROM REALITY? ¨events suddenly shake us out of complacency and remind us that fear, prejudice and rage are always the shadows just beyond...

...the light of our reason¨

¨Silence killed Matthew Shepard.

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

¨The silence of Christians who know that our scriptures on homosexuality are in interpretation and far outweighed by the words of a savior whose only comment on human relationships was to call us to never judge but only to love.¨

Martyn Minns of the CANA cult and his boss Bishop Akinola/Nigeria

¨The silence of well meaning educated people who pretend to have an enlightened view of homosexuality while quietly tolerating the abuse of gays and lesbians in their own communities.¨

Bishop Drexel Gomez, Primate of LGBT blood drenched Jamaica and the West Indies, retired, however he is the current Chair of the tainted Anglican Covenant Design Group

¨The silence of our elected officials who have the authority to make changes but prefer to count votes.¨

Republican Minority Leader John Boehner of The United States Congress and his Republican accomplices. Silence still equals death and obstruction equals punishment for most Americans.

The silence of the majority of "straight" Americans who shift uncomfortably when confronted by the thought that gays and lesbians may be no different from themselves, save for the fact that they are walking targets for bigotry, disrespect, cheap humor, and apparently, of murder...¨A Chaplain's Reflection, click HERE


·Thanks to A Chaplains´ Reflection
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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

The horrible thing is that with their Silence and their Complicity they think they are someway "saving" the Church and Tradition from the onslaught of Modernity.