Jan 10, 2010

HASTA LA VISTA! I´ve Got A Date!

It´s a very important date. It´s three years ago TODAY that I met and immediately enjoyed the company and friendship of my dear Juan Carlos.

Tomorrow, we´re going off with a group of six friends to celebrate our Anniversary with a Road Trip that will no doubt be filled with unexpected discoveries and treasured memories!

Last year we went with the same friends to Tikal, Peten, Guatemala.

This year I´m giving you all sorts of visual aids/clues! I will be reporting, in depth no doubt, when we return.

Ole´ Mole´ Piñatas, Enchiladas and Shrimp Cocktails tambien!

So there you have it friends. I´ll be away for a few days/daze on a under-the-covers mission...I´ll be thinking of many of you, well, mostly I will.

I hope and pray for your happiness, peace of mind and overall well-being while I´m frolicing beyond any borders that I may find.

Lord, hear my prayer


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Love and Peace to both of you!

Doorman-Priest said...

"I´ll be thinking of many of you."

You'd have to be bored!

Brian R said...

Safe and very happy journeys, may you have good times with good friends.

Padre Mickey said...

Have great trip.

Robert said...

Enjoy yourself my friend. Happy Anniversary!

Erika Baker said...

"I´ll be thinking of many of you."

I hope not!! It would be the greatest waste of your special time. You can think of us all twice as hard when you've returned.

motheramelia said...

Have a great trip. Enjoy.

it's margaret said...

God bless you on this anniversary! Much love!

Lynn said...

Happy anniversary. Have a wonderful trip.