May 29, 2009

HOMOPHOBIA: Part Two, ¨Will the Antichrist be a Homosexual?¨



By Ron Hamman, Baptist Pastor
The Frontiersman Newspaper, Religion Views
Monday, May 25, 2009

¨While the word “homosexual” is not in the Bible, the behavior of those who practice homosexuality, and God’s estimation of them, very definitely is. When the word came into existence I cannot tell you, but what we can say for sure is that when Noah Webster published his first dictionary in 1828, it was not included. This means that homosexuality is a modern word invented to replace the word Noah Webster did include, sodomy, defined as a crime against nature. This is historical revisionism in action.

Sodomy is defined in scripture by two things, the first being that of where it began: Sodom. In Genesis 13:13 we have the first mention of the men of Sodom, pronouncing that they “were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly.” Their saga is continued in chapters 18 and 19 with their sin being so great that not only does God say that it “is very grievous,” but he himself comes down to destroy them with fire, the rubble of which still stands as a warning to us today.

While the Genesis account does not graphically describe their sin, leading some to deny it as being the same as homosexuality, their sin is obviously just that by how it is described: lying with mankind as with womankind. What other conclusion can be reached when they want to “know” the men who were in Lot’s house, the same word the Bible uses in Genesis 4 in relation to the conception of Cain? And that Lot himself understood their intentions is clear; not only did he call such behavior wicked, but he also offered his virgin daughters as substitutes, which the men of Sodom refused.

And one more thing: Sodomy is the only sin for which God came down from heaven to destroy. Though God dealt with many other sins in various ways, there is no other for which he came down from heaven to verify and destroy. In the New Testament, sodomy is declared to be “against nature.” And of the men, Paul in Romans 1 says they leave “the natural use of the woman....” In effect, there is no greater sin against God than to reject how he made you, and no greater sin against women than to reject how God made them.

But will the Antichrist be a homosexual? Having seen what the Bible says of sodomy, we have no further to look than the book of Daniel, chapter 11 to find our answer. It says, “Neither shall he [Antichrist] regard... the desire of women....” As I said at the onset, I am not the first to draw attention to this, but the verbiage is clear.

From a lost perspective, the reason sex sells, pornography is profitable, and prostitution is “the world’s oldest profession” is mankind’s desire of women. From Christianity’s position, it is part of the glue for the bond of marriage and the propagation of a godly heritage. But homosexuality does not regard this — in their unbridled lusts they burn for their own gender.

But consider this: The time is ripe for such a leader. Indeed, it should not be surprising that the one who is against everything Biblical and Christian should be a partaker of so great a sin; there is no greater way to reject the Creator than to reject your gender and his design for it. And at what other time have we seen such perversion come out of the closets onto our streets, threatening violence if we do not accept their ways?

Is it any wonder that Revelation 13 says that this same Antichrist will make war with the saints of the tribulation, and overcome them? Are they not now readying themselves to make it illegal to “offend” them in any way, calling it hatred to preach against their sin? Is it because they love us? The time is ripe for such a man.

But remember that sodomy is the one sin that God left heaven and came to earth to destroy. Could it be that this will be the predominate sin on earth when Christ descends from the clouds to fight against the armies of wickedness? And will it be just a coincidence that the Antichrist will be the very first occupant of the lake of fire, tasting eternal death 1,000 years before even the devil himself?¨


To ¨judge¨ LGBT Christians, our families and our friends/coworkers CLICK HERE to read it all by Ron Hamman, Independent Baptist Church, Wasilla, Alaska (or contact him directly at 907-357-4229)


¨Dr James Dobson of Focus on the Family, one of the leaders of the anti Modern movement in USA and the World, the one who de-nounced Harry Potter as witchcraft ;=) who resigned a couple of years ago as chair of FoF, one of the bigger lobby groups over there, recently said to his staff in his farewell speech that the Culture Wars are lost and the USA is "awash in Evil" read it all from The Reverend Göran Koch-Swahne, click HERE

UPDATED SATURDAY MAY 30, 2009 (read the Comment Section here too)

Claiming the Antichrist Will be Gay can Make You Look Like an Idiot

¨Alas, poor Hamman. Had he gone to Divinity School, or picked up any study reference, or discussed it with any literate Christian, he would have known that he was basing his entire claim on a misreading of a single verse taken out of context.¨...

Now he just looks like an idiot

...Hamman forgot about context. And original meaning. And the fact that this verse was written in Hebrew. Had he just taken a second to go online and check another translation, he would have realized that this had nothing to do with sexuality at all.¨ read it all, By Timothy Kincaid, click HERE

Sarah Palin’s hometown of Wasilla, Alaska is the gift that keeps on giving. Who knew that the Antichrist was lurking among the gay population?

¨Pastor Ron Hamman, of the Independent Baptist Church of Wasilla alerted his flock to the danger in an editorial in the local paper on Saturday, where he asked the question: “Will the Antichrist be a homosexual?”

Writing in the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman in an 800 word rant, Pastor Ron Hamman, makes his absurd homophobic case by cherry picking various passages from the Bible, including II Thessalonians, where he quoted Paul talking about the one called “that Wicked.”

Noting that homosexuals aren’t mentioned in the Bible, but sodomy sure is, Pastor Hamman has a field day with his Bible references. Don’t you know that Jesus Christ reigned hellfire down on the wicked folks of the City of Sodom?¨ read it all, click HERE


Antichrist à la Wasilla

A Pastor Hamman, Independent Baptist Church in Wasilla, Alaska, has an article in the local paper Monday claiming that the Anti-christ in the Book of Daniel is a Homosexual. Click on the headline! Don’t forget the comments section, which shows that the good people of Wasilla has better judgement than the Pastor...

...I must add a reflection. The unfortunate pastor's Bible-reading is only of one half verse. Almost nothing. Further, the verse only says what it says and means what it means. It shouldn't give cause for any mis-understandings or mis-interpretations. Yet it does.

And I think that this is what generally happens and has happened, not only in our latter day, but for the last Millennium.¨ read it all by The Reverend Göran Koch-Swahne, click HERE

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Whoa! Talk about pickin' an' choosin' and patchin' together to make case that won't hold water. But that's what they do.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Red this yesterday. Ghastly!

(and Wasilla of all places... What did they do? ;=)

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Found one thing interesting, though... that God came down to earth (Incarnation!) for this one thing...

Made me think, not of the anti Gay propaganda of 2000 years of Indo-European Philosophy, but of the real reason (as it must be) the manyfold sins of Sodom, that the Bible talks of so many times (40+): selfishly ignoring the suffering Neighbour; the sister and brother in need.

How is it Hesekiah puts it, again "Excess of bread... "

Lynn said...

Which is the more frightening concept: that Hamman - an ordained minister - has a shallow understanding of the Old Testament, or that he is playing on the ignorance of others? I just don't understand how people show such little intellectual curiosity about things that are obviously important to them.

I don't get the Daniel 11 reference. Can anyone help? The notes in my study Bible lead me to think Hamman has confused "Antichrist" with "Antiochus" - your chuckle for the day.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Sorry Lynn,

Daniel 11 is very long (45 verses) and I'm ot able to identify the quote...

But the book of Daniel, which is NOT a prophet book but a novel, a Hellenist political novel at that, datable, because of the faulty pretended future-telling, the generally very reliable Roman Catholic New Jerome says, to 165 BC, a year or two after the Bdélugma (which was an Image of Zeus) was put in the Temple of God at Jerusalem by Antiochus IV Epifanes, Seleucid King of Syria, is all about a couple of court Eunuchs in Babylonia ;=)

Daniel and Ashpenaz, the Lord High Eunuch, and the rest... (Chapter 1)

It was Byzantine “Church Father” Johannes Chrysóstomos who blotted out all references to Eunuchs in the Bible, because they (prominent in all great Empires into the 20th century, Byzantium/Ottoman, China & c.) were as popular in his day ( 5th century) as are taxes among the American right…

motheramelia said...

I'm sorry, but I found the post much too painful to comment on. I also wonder if the mis-use of the Bible is deliberate.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

¨...much too painful.¨ Mother Amelia

Me too, I feel the pain.

It´s not the ¨post¨ itself that is painful because I see it as a living social statement but I try always to get to illustrate the actual reality of the deep prejudice, and often spiritual, emotional and physical HARM that ¨wild¨ instigating from the pulpit/elsewhere conveys...there is nothing new about this persecution and we hear, almost everyday, the dangerous voices of those who continue to generate fear and hate at Church...often Churches and other Holy places are no longer SAFE or even wholesome places for LGBT Christians/others to worship when the selective Scriptural selfrighteous start subtly ¨suggesting¨ it´s time for a ¨cleansing¨...not their own, of course not, but the cleansing of a WHOLE GROUP of other peoples character (of whom they know nothing about).

At the moment in Uganda there is a REAL ¨witch hunt¨ of LGBT Anglicans/others going on. It was initiated by +Orombi and other fundamentalists and many corrupt Government officials have jumped in and are terrorizing LGBT citizens as a ¨ethics and morality¨ campaign.

I think much of this dangerous behavior starts by ¨preaching¨ by those who have little regard for basic decency and lots of base desire for grandstanding and sensationalism...afterall, ¨You Judge¨ coming from a Christian Pastor is very scary indeed (especially where hunting weapons, in Alaska, are available in almost every household).

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I think the mis-use is deliberate.

A conflict of World views, one negative (Indo-European Hellenist Platonizing philosophy from Ancient Alexandria) contra one positive; the Bible.

Already in the 1st Millennium, Platonizing Academics (later elevated to "Church Fathers" read Biblical Greek as if it was the Academic Greek of Platonism: consequently anything could happen - and did.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Today in late modern anti Modern Times, the standard is below bog - so maybe Lynn's suggestion of a mix up of Antichrist and Antioch is to the point...

Cany said...

Well... i had to read this several times because, frankly, these Biblical literalist/revisionists are loony imho.

Since we all know the earth is about 5K years old (and science is wrong, let alone radio-carbon dating making those little radionuclides liars), and since even Sarah Palin remembers learning about dinosaurs in the Biblical age (sigh), it is clear that mixing and matching strands of Biblical writing on this topic is the way to go.

I have to agree with Lynn's comment, but I DO realize that in churches where free thought is evil incarnate (obviously along with lgbt folks), one cannot step outside that circle... at least not and stay in the church. There IS no free thought, let alone, apparently, much theological diversity (not to mention truth).

Sadly, the safest place for homophobes and bigots to hide is behind their churches where diversity isn't apparent or relevant but is despised. We see its remains in the topic of women's equality. We saw it during the civil rights era. Now we see it with lgbt equal rights legislation.

It will never stop. It can't. The foundation of many of these churches would crumble, the cornerstone left naked.

What also happens is that people are taught that government should ACT like a church, and specifically the Christian church, and more specifically whatever flavor of Christian church one belongs to. Theology should be threaded through the constitution (look what Huckabee said in the GOP primary... gads!), our laws should reflect THEIR view of Biblical law (though I don't think preachers really want to sell their daughters anymore, so it is clearly subjective).

If you add together bad theology and theocracy, you get the Independent Wasilla Baptist Church!

Too bad they are not the only one...

We're seeing this with Sotomayor's nomination to the SCOTUS and Latino/Latina political advisors to the party are not happy.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

"If you add together bad theology and theocracy, you get the Independent Wasilla Baptist Church!"

Sadly, I think you are correct. And that this is what happened in the past thousand years.

David G. said...

cue:{Ms.Gulch music}
The not so Merry Go Round Cometh Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Posted this on the Daily Kos regarding the Biblical illiteracy of the poor pastor:

The NIV says “or for the one desired by women”. The old 1917 Swedish State translation does the same, whereas both the Septuagint, the ancient Greek translation from Alexandria a couple of decades later than the Book of Daniel itself (165 BC), and the King James translation omit the “for” necessary in both contemporary English and Swedish: kaì epithumía gunaikwn and “the desire of women”, respectively.

So it is not that the King (of Syria as it is) does not desire women, it’t that he has not regard for the lascivious God (Baal or Adonis) desired by women… Illiterate pastor for sure.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Sorry, not the Daily Kos but the Box Turtle Bulletin.


Doorman-Priest said...

Gay? From Alaska more like!

Tobias Stanislas Haller said...

I think we need to assign this to the Crock of Doom.