Aug 13, 2008

"L" is for Lesbian, "G" is for Gay, "B" is for Bisexual, "T" is for Transgender in Africa and Everywhere else!

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"Proof, the World is Round"

By Gay Uganda

"It was an international conference, and a researcher was presenting findings.

The audience could not have been more international. And less liable to homophobia. And the findings were supposed to be scientific.

But there was a glitch.

The researcher was a Ugandan. With some western exposure.

One of the research questions addressed was the ‘foreign’ influence on Ugandan homosexuals.

I am Ugandan, and have lived in Uganda my life. I could actually understand where the researcher was coming from. Straight, and thinking homosexuality a ‘foreign’ entity, that this ‘view’ was something that should be disproved. And the researcher had set out to do exactly that.

I think, to the audience, it was like trying to disprove the notion that the world is flat. Everyone knows the world is round. Except a dis-favoured few. Going through the proofs for the earth’s round shape.

Ugandans believe that homosexuality is a foreign import!

So, of the 200 or so Kampala homosexuals interviewed, only about 2 or 3 were foreigners. But that fact was highlighted. And, they were asked whether they had ever had homosexual sex with a foreigner. And the answer faithfully recorded and reported on.

The audience could not help it. They asked the researcher for more information, and it was given. In a way.

Different cultures, all of us with our own blind spots. But it was very clear that we were coming from different spots of the globe. And could not understand one another, at least on the question of whether, hum, my ‘gayness’ came from outside me. Which foreigner out there injected it into me like a medicine?

Yes, there were other questions addressed. But I was no longer listening, but laughing my head off. Chuckling into my fist. Sometimes it is so hilarious when people insist that we are not African, because we are gay.

Yes, I do take it personal. Very personal, though I understand them, having grown up in Uganda. Why should a foreigner be blamed for what I am? Why cant I be gay, and Ugandan; gay and African?"

Gay Uganda


Cany said...


the most bizarre part is that the continent's bishops, whether by intention or design, further this notion in their teaching and speech while some were educated in England and the US where this kind of nonsense most certainly was not learned.

this is really no different, though, that people not wanting their kids around lgbt folks because they might "influence" them or "teach them" to be gay (and I won't even bother to list the more graphic mentions...).

as some speeches at Lambeth set forth, some bishops clearly don't understand it, don't want to understand it, and avoid it yet point their magic wand to ten percent of the world and try to make them either evil or disappeared.

i swear, leonardo, it just gets weirder out there every day.

i had a conversation with a lesbian friend of mine who attends Rick Warren's "church". i told her what he had done and said and asked, "Good grief girl, why are you not in the lesbian friendly church?" Turns out she was raised in baptist family--her own father a preacher--and she seems to hold more distrust of anything with catholic in the name than of those that seek to harm her or keep her in the back of the bus.

go figure.

Cany said...

let me correct that....

should read SOME of the continent's bishops...

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Cany, I know, it seems to be a matter of denial, like wishful thinking is in the case of your Lesbian friend at Rick's Church...I've been guilty of giving people "virtues" they didn't actually have...I wanted them to have those virtues especially if it meant accepting people like me...I've manipulated my thinking to be certain they appeared to have those "virtues" to me...I'd even discuss and promote those same noexistant virtues to others in a underground sort of hope they might REALLY BE...I must admit I'm troubled by Obamas upcoming "get together" with Rick Warren...that's not denial or wishful thinking...that's looking the LGBT current reality directly in the eye...surely, Obama and maybe even McCain have "arranged" to banish the fear/hate mongering of LGBT from discussion...hopefully that part of the script has been scripted in civilized and decent that would be called projecting...projecting hopefully that "things" regarding LGBT Christians/others will handled in a inclusive and sisterly/brotherly way.

Keep your fingers will be interesting to hear a follow up on what your friend "heard" (as opposed to what you heard) after the show...and it is a's a kind of religious "show" like ++Rowan just staged at Canterbury.


Lynn said...

Leonardo - you are right, it was a "show." Too bad no one told Cantuar that even off-Broadway, you should stay on budget. So, now he has to do his new Anglican road show - fundraising. Where's Padre Mickey - this would make a great musical!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Lynn,

Yes, I think The Lambeth Conference was a fully staged extravaganza in subtle manipulation...of course the "cameo" players will all put in place to denigrate TEC (Cardinal Kasper/Orthodox Fingerpointer)..but, even "staged" performances have a way of taking on a life of their own...or not...the "reviews" haven't been all that good and the out-of-town try-out may fall flat on it's expensive/pushy/pontificating face and never be a HIT anywhere!

Quite possibly a very bad leadership investment in the whole at The Anglican Communion.

Good to see you, thanks for being here.