Aug 4, 2008

Blessings to you Bishop Robinson and God HELP US in All That We Do!

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Thank you so much Bishop Robinson for the willingness, courage and spiritual WELLNESS to show up in England and be the FIRST EVER duly elected/consecrated Episcopalian/Anglican Bishop to be excluded from The Lambeth Conference by a Archbishop of were marginalized and also verbally abused by Primates Bul, Anis/others and a whole cast of biggoted/destructionist relics, such as Akinola/Nigeria and Orombi/Uganda who promoted difference fear and hate from afar...exclusion, difference and hate at OUR Church and throughout the worldwide Anglican Communion directed against LGBT Christians/others.

Being a LGBT Christian/supporter or family member/friend takes guts and a lot of TRUST in God!

Your daily presence/update, Bishop Gene, was a inspiration to many of us, who, like you are physically present at most levels of society but are not fully invited into all levels of least not yet ...we're the same people who have received the everyday snearing/excluding and dangerous death threats that you have experienced too...we are the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered, families, friends, coworkers and supporting Christians/others who most often quietly listen to hatefilled fellow human beings talk "filth" about us, observe discrimination against us, note vile persecution directed at us (see Nigeria and Uganda) and watch "thugs" (religious and other) act out against US visciously by beating and murdering US....all of the while the homophobic Christian/other AGENDA does not give a damn about the reality of our individual character or our loved ones or our love for a God who includes us along with everyone else as Beloved.

Bishop Robinson as you were EXCLUDED and attending The Lambeth Conference "on the fringe" another Gay person was the victim of a Crime of Hate...this crime of hate was happened on the other coast of England from the Lambeth Conference in a diocese of The Church of England that is well known for it's self-proclaimed Evangelical righteousness/spirit but with a more open minded, pastoral and "seeking to understand" Bishop than Rowan Williams:

18 year old Michael Causer of Whiston, near Liverpool is DEAD! He was MURDERED! Michael was a victim of yet another Hate Crime!

Meanwhile, Rowan, the Archbishop of Canterbury, remained speechless/quiet about this MURDER and was taking "special" measurers to wrap up his bungled/spendthrifty "Lambeth Conference" by ramroding the REVALIDATION of the contaminated 1.10 1998 Lambeth statement AGAINST the acceptance of LGBT Anglicans/Christians at all levels of Churchlife and Everydaylife...++Rowan refused to allow the attending/meeting 650+ bishops to review the tainted 1.10 "statement" (not law) and insists it is the "mind of the Church" even though he wouldn't let the bishops discuss/review it...also, Dr. Williams has called for a special NEW Inquisition type REVIEW Panel that will be birthed by his "view" of a continuing Windsor Report....a report that he demands must be "continued" although it has long been a failure, ignored and abused by him and others.

The violence continues. The demeaning and outcasting of LGBT Anglicans/Christians continues...the active persecution of LGBT must stop in Africa and beyond...Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury has FAILED to do his job as "first amongst equals" and set a standard for "loving thy neighbor." Furthermore, Dr. Williams promoted RELIGIOUS segregation and played PRETEND when vigilante violence against LGBT Christians/others continues unchecked worldwide!

Rowan Williams is dangerous to everyones spiritual HEALTH and emotional well-being and ought step down immediately before he destroys The Anglican Communion with his manipulative bungling and cowardliness when dealing with dangerous +bigots and self-righteous +thieves.

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