Jun 12, 2012

MAYA IS A SURVIVOR: She survived the ¨calle¨ the ¨drunk¨ the ¨abuse¨ the ¨flooding¨ and is sweet, smart and ready for a real/good home!

In many small and rural towns in Latin America there is quite often a ¨homeless dog¨ problem.  It becomes a problem because most villagers like dogs but simply can´t care for them, feed them or even have space in their tiny one room huts for them to sleep.   Many dogs wander the streets looking for a kindly handout or a place to hide out during the strong rainstorms.  Maya was one of those dogs.

Maya, a very lovely white Husky, was put out into the streets by a local drunk man who could not take care of her or himself...Lord, have mercy.  We noticed Maya right away because she stood out from the pack and was quite the friendly street warrior.  One late afternoon we heard a dog screaming from the street (unfortunately, not a unfamilar sound as cars race by down the Calle Real and hit animals and sometimes people).  Animal lover Juan Carlos rushed outside and there was Maya, recently clipped by a car,  lying in great anguish by the road.  JC went to farmacia and his dog loving lady friend inside gave (donated) him a pain killer to inject.   Maya quieted and JC brought her into his sorta-clinic in the back of our garage (Maya being the most recent guest in his kinda-dog/pet-hospital).  Over the past weeks Maya has rested quietly, healed and prospered.  She´s been a good patient and she received lots of healthy food and outstanding care and even physical therapy by Juan Carlos.  She´s has been given ALL her shots, been dewormed, groomed and now awaits her spaying (maybe next week as she almost no longer limps).   We will take her into Antigua to the young-wonder-vet-to-the-wealthy and hopefully he will give us a discount (as he often does) on another one of our rescued street animals.

Maya is a very big and obediant doggie (although still filling out from being underfed).  She is estimated to be less than two years old (by her white/strong teeth) and is a friendly and loving animal.  She will be needing a new home soon.  No more street dog living for Maya.  We will be looking for a family with a fenced in yard and a family who takes good care of their pets...really good care.   If you are interested in having lovely Maya be part of your life please send me a note here or contact me directly.  Maya can travel easily (anywhere in the World) and only needs a sponsor to pay for the ticket and documents.  No problema.  You won´t be sorry if you have Maya join you in your everyday life...she´s gentle and beautiful.

Leonardo Ricardo
At the foot of the Volcano
Guatemala, Central America
(santosiempre at yahoo dot com)


Joan said...

Congrats on your new dog. Don't you dare leave her at my house. Mine needs $2K of surgery to repair a blown knee. Hips bad too. Please ask JP if he does hip replacements and at what price.

Caminante said...

Prayers to Francis that she find a home and huge prayers of thanksgiving that you are so generous and loving toward all of God's creatures.

I think the Word Verification is

I can't read the damn things any more and it usually takes me two to three tries. Why can't they just put it back in type and add in more letters rather than obfuscate it with smudges?!

Yup, didn't get it the first time. Here we go again.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Lee, me too, I can´t read the damn things and I often give up and move on to the next challenge.

Hi Joan, why is it that every act of charity that you do, and you do many, ends with a big bill? Your dog is sooo devoted she wants hip replacements just like...who? Sure, I´ll inquire about the hip replacements when I go in...it´s also time for Frida the Minature Snauzer to have shots (he telephoned JC today)!

Ciss B said...

I would love her so much but with two already (rescued dogs) I can't at the moment. Will pray for a lovely home for this beautiful dog. I will pass on to anyone who who might be interested here. Bless you!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Ciss. Lovely Maya seems even warmer and kinder each day...she had some additional pills from the Vet today (the real/real worming pills as opposed to the sorta worming pills from the local animal ¨wise woman¨.

JCF said...

Que linda es Maya! Bellissima!

Hope you find her a good home, soon.