Jun 3, 2012

DIVERSITY STRATEGY: American multinational became one of the first major companies to add sexual orientation to its nondiscrimination policy¨

¨LGBT diversity good for individuals and business

LGBT diversity in the workplace is not only good for individuals and have a positive impact on the community but also spurs business growth at the same time, say speakers at the recent 'The Power of LGBT Diversity in the Workplace and Marketplace' conference in Bangkok that was organised by Fridae and sponsored by IBM.

“How was your weekend?” is an often used greeting on Mondays in the office to initiate friendly chatter with colleagues but many LGBT people who are not out at work often find themselves having to change the pronouns of their partners or giving a perfunctory reply.

But that is not the ideal situation, according to diversity advocates and companies who increasingly say they want their employees to be their “true” selves at work.

Some companies such as global investment firm Goldman Sachs offers a broad spectrum of diversity training opportunities.

An example of a training programme was to have a heterosexual employee speak to a colleague for five minutes about themselves without mentioning their opposite-sex partner or children. This role-playing game is designed to help heterosexual employees understand the challenges of a gay person who is not out, explained Paul Choi, Executive Director in the Human Capital Management division of Goldman Sachs Asia and Co-Head of the company’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Network, Asia excluding Japan.

Choi was speaking at the 'The Power of LGBT Diversity in the Workplace and Marketplace' conference on May 8 in Bangkok. Organised by Fridae and sponsored by IBM, the conference is the first of its kind held in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Each employee is required to complete two hours of diversity and inclusion training each year. Globally, Goldman Sachs offers more than three dozen diversity and inclusion training programs, which are widely recognised for their scope and innovation...¨ please read it all, HERE

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