Jun 5, 2012


Arch-avoider of reality, Archbishop Henry Orombi

Uganda: Population - Too Many To Love, Let Alone Feed

Arch-hater of LGBT citizens, MP David ¨Kill all the Gays¨ Bahati


While the two of you are attempting to distract the world by shooting your mouths off with LIES about LGBT people ¨shredding the fabric¨ of Ugandan society  the TRUTH is Ugandan Society is in shreds already!  You only need look to deadbeat HETEROSEXUAL men, sexual slavery, rampant alcoholism, childwitchburning, over population and vertical corruption to understand why this is true.

What do you two, less-than-manly blamers and shamers of responsible/accountable yet persecuted (by you) LGBT people, intend to do about the current devalued Family Values mess in Uganda?  Any positive plans for the promotion of  basic decency by you, the not-so-holy and sadistlike, Anglican Ugandan abusers of fellow human beings?

Let´s take a glimpse of the on-the-ground reality of ¨heterosexual¨ bliss in Uganda:

¨With an increase of 1.2 million citizens every year, Uganda is the third-fastest growing country on earth. The population boom is causing bitter fights over land and may lead to food shortages, warn experts. Meanwhile, individual families feel the strain. "I love my children, but just wished I had fewer of them," says a struggling mother of seven.

A focused conversation with Justine is not possible because a horde of children permanently surrounds her. The twin four-year-old sons scream for attention, while her three-year-old daughter tries to grab the notebook of a visitor.

"Ugandan women are extremely fertile," says the 40 year old. "I love my children very much, but I fail to give everyone enough attention. I have to combine motherhood with my work as a hotel manager. The youngest children delay going to school because I use the money for school fees for the elder ones," she explains.

Justine was married twice. Both men left her. Only the second ex-husband contributes to his children's education. This scenario is commonplace in Uganda, where women give birth to an average of 6.2 children.

"People say I am blessed," she states. "I gave birth to two sets of twins, which is seen as an achievement in Ugandan culture. Then I have three other children - seven in total. I ask them: 'Blessed? You don't know what I am going through!'" HERE

Uganda: Will Mother Nature Survive Population Pressure?

Kampala — Juliet Nalwanga lives on the fringes of Kampala in Bwaise slum, Kawempe division. A wooden tin shack is what she calls home."When it rains, life is hard," the mother of three says. "My home always floods."

To leave home during the rainy period, Nalwanga has to part with cash to be carried by men across the
zones. Sometimes it is so bad that Nalwanga and her three children have to relocate to the village.

However, there are other people who have nowhere to go. According to the UN Habitat report 2009, the population density in Kampala is so high, about 12 families occupy a single plot of land.

According to the report, about 1.5 million people live in slums in Kampala. The wetlands and swamps have now been turned into residential areas because of the increase in population.
This has caused environmental damage. In Kampala, damage to wetlands and swamps has resulted in floods, especially in Kalerwe, Bwaise, Kawempe, Zana, Ndeeba, Bwaise and Kanyanya.

In the east and north east of Uganda, mudslides and floods are becoming common.

 Why population has gone up?

The 20-year stability and improvement in livelihood and child mortality, coupled with a high fertility rate have contributed to a population growth rate of 3.3% compared to the global average of 1.1%. This make makes Uganda one of the countries with the fastest growing populations in the world.  HERE

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