Jun 19, 2012

UGANDAS HOUSE OF BISHOPS or BIGOTS? Church of Uganda Bishops are converging for a week long retreat to elect a new Archbishop and/or Archbigot (only God knows)

Archbishop Henry Orombi/Uganda and ¨Kill the Gays¨ Anglican MP David Bahati HERE (his ¨not-so-spiritual¨ director is Orombi) recently promoting the Anti-homosexuality Bill pending before the Parliament of Uganda
¨The religious leaders called on Parliament to expedite the passing of the Anti-homosexuality Bill into law to combat same-sex marriages which threats the moral fabric of the Ugandan society...¨ HERE   (There already IS a NO SAME SEX MARRIAGE Law in Uganda)

Archbishop Orombi will retire at the end of the year.

¨Church of Uganda Bishops are converging at Lweza conference center in Lweza along Entebbe road for a week long retreat to elect a new Archbishop.

The New Archbishop will replace the outgoing Archbishop Church of Uganda the Right Rev. Henry Luke Orombi .

The Bishops started arriving at Lweza conference center last evening and are expected to start off their retreat today morning.

The retreat will be attended mainly by members of the House of Bishops which include Bishops from different dioceses...¨ HERE

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Ugandan police raid gay rights gathering

June 19, 2012

¨No matter how much progress we are finally making in the United States, our gay brothers and sisters around the world are still in the struggle of their lives… literally¨ HERE

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