Mar 19, 2011

MP DAVID BAHATI´S BLOOD QUEST: Demonizing rhetoric and dehumanizing ideology against LGBTI Anglicans/others will have grave consequences in Uganda

Will there never be enough injustice directed toward LGBTI citizens to satiate the pride driven and blood thirsty sadistic monster MP David ¨kill all the Gays¨ Bahati (Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi is his ¨spiritual advisor¨)?

Uganda's NTV television network is reporting that consideration of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 will commence next week. According to the report, "MPs in the 8th Parliament want it debated and passed before their term expires in May this year."

MP David Bahati, lead sponsor of the bill, is lobbying to make sure the bill clears committee and is passed in the Parliament.

I’ll be working with my colleagues to talk to other members of Parliament to ensure that this bill is debated and concluded before we close the Eighth Parliament...We are working with religious leaders, we are working with people in the legal fraternity, we are working with parents and schools.

Departing Minister for Ethics and Integrity Dr. James Nsaba Buturo has also been lobbying for the passage of the bill.

I ask you to put pressure on Parliament to debate to amend the Anti-Homosexuality Bill where necessary and to pass a law.

The NTV report correctly describes the penalties in the current, unamended version of the bill. Persons committing aggravated homosexuality will be sentenced to death. The bill also includes penalties for anyone promoting homosexuality in Uganda. HERE

Henry Luke Orombi, Anglican Archbishop of Uganda excommunicated Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo for offering spiritual comfort to LGBTI Ugandans who were battered, cast out of from their homes/society and suicidal.  Bishop Henry now wishes to legalize the further punishment of anyone offering counseling or spiritual/emotional support to LGBTI Ugandans and their families/friends.
PLEASE READ AND MAKE YOURSELF AWARE OF THE ENTIRE BILL, click here Bill No 18 Anti Homosexuality Bill 2009

What will recently reelected President Museveni do to hault the proposed further legalized Persecution and Pogrom directed against  LGBTI (and their family and friends) innocent citizens ?
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Calamity Jane said...

This is very serious stuff. I thought this legislation had been put on the back burner. Obviously not!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

No Calamity, they are playing with fire--who knows what the bargaining chip is--perhaps LGBTI Ugandas safety is being purchased from corrupt politicans and religious zealots.