Mar 26, 2011

ABOUT ¨BEYOND EX-GAY¨: We believe that ex-gay experiences cause more harm than good.

Beyond Ex-Gay is an online community and resource for those of us who have survived ex-gay experiences. So often healing comes through community and through sharing our stories and experiences with each other.

Our kinship in this journey gives us the opportunity to hear each other deeply, particularly in a world that sometimes scoffs at the many things we have done to change or contain our same-sex attractions and gender differences. Many of us have found healing, wholeness and understanding through facing our pasts.

This is your space to connect with other survivors, read survivor narratives and to share your own.

We believe that ex-gay experiences cause more harm than good. Certain people who currently identify as ex-gay say they are content as such. We don’t seek to invalidate their experience. For us such a lifestyle was not possible or healthy...¨

Not that it was all bad: Some of us received positive help through our ex-gay experiences. We grew to understand our sexuality better and in some cases even overcame life-controlling problems.

But for most of us, these experiences brought us inner turmoil, confusion, and shame. We are still in a process of recovery from the damage. Through sharing our stories with each other, we find wholeness and healing...¨ please read it all, HERE  (photos and bold emphasis added by Leonardo Ricardo)


-The parliament of Liechtenstein unanimously votes to institute civil unions. HERE

-The mayor of Barcelona, Spain dedicates a memorial to LGBT people. HERE

-An immigration judge suspends the deportation of an Argentine lesbian who’s legally married in Connecticut. HERE

-Wendy Gritter offers a nuanced response to Lisa Ling’s “Pray Away the Gay?” special. HERE

-The Obama Administration prepares a declaration calling on the UN to work to end criminal punishments for LGBT individuals around the world. HERE

-A civil unions bill is introduced in the Delaware state senate. HERE

-The Mormon church fires a man for refusing to disassociate from his gay friends. HERE

-The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refuses to lift the stay on Judge Walker’s Prop 8 ruling. HERE

-John Gruber, the last original member of the Mattachine Society, passes away. HERE

-The Montana senate kills a bill that would have overturned all LGBT rights laws in the state. HERE

-The California Republican party elects an openly gay board member. HERE

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Rogue Saint said...

This debate will be moot in a few years, in my opinion. Or at least lessened.

I tend to be naive though so we'll see. If only we could take our cue from some of our allies in Europe.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

The Future bends towards...