Mar 18, 2011

OWN IT FOLKS BECAUSE IT´S YOURS: ¨I have lost all patience with the holy haters and their cynical enablers in politics and religion...¨

¨After so many years of this, I have lost all patience with the holy haters and their cynical enablers in politics and religion. To all the "moderates" who want to make "peace" on this issue between the two sides, I say no justice no peace. Few things send me round the bend with outrage more surely than claims of "persecution" by the phobes when violent people demonstrate for all the world to see that demonizing rhetoric and dehumanizing ideology have consequences, sometimes life and death consequences, and someone calls them on it. They rightfully find themselves in the dock of public opinion, and then do a fan dance with palms of martyrdom claiming persecution for their faith. Others scurry backwards like panicked crabs away from the scene of a crime emphatically denying any connection between what they advocate and any particular crime. I say own it folks because it's yours.

And so, to all the preachers and advocates of hate for my kind out there, all of you who would like to see me and all others like me eliminated from the earth by "cure" or by other measures, all of you from Tony Perkins to Newt Gingrich to Scott Lively to Martin Ssempa to NOM to The Family to The Family Research Council to Your Graces Bishops Orombi and Akinola to all the ex-gay groups to Your Holiness the Pope to Your Emminences the whole College of Cardinals to President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad to Grand Ayatollah Khamenei to all the Religious Guardians of Islam to Fred Phelps and to all the very reverend rest of you, I say in all Christian charity, fuck off and die...¨ read it all, HERE

Birds of a Feather: anti-lgbti preachers and advocates of hate flock together 
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Cathy said...

My only problem with this is I quite like vultures, I think they do quite a useful job and are also in their own way quite sweet, unlike homophobes, who are not useful on any level, and are emphatically not sweet. Other than that I say: exactly right.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Dear Cathy, well, let´s get down to the superficial--they are both quite unattractive--that´s my drift (Lord knows the birds are far more spiritually/emotionally sound than their homophobic human counterparts but they both *do* circle their prey). Yikes.