Mar 29, 2011

ACTOR and NOTABLE CITIZEN -- FARLEY GRANGER, RIP: He lived the vulnerability of bisexuality in his real life

Actor Farley Granger has died aged 85. Granger was known for bringing a surprising vulnerability to performances that could have otherwise been dismissed as bland handsome leading man roles.
¨The actor came out about his bisexuality in a 2007 memoir and revealed his affairs with the likes of Shelley Winters, Ava Gardner and Patricia Neal as well as playwright Arthur Laurents and musician Leonard Bernstein. He lived with his longtime partner Robert Calhoun since the 1960's through to Calhoun's death three years ago.¨ HERE

¨Granger refused to play the publicity or marrying game common among other gay stars and turned down roles he considered unsuitable, earning a reputation – in his own words – for being "a naughty boy".  HERE

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

May he rest in Peace and rise in Glory!