Mar 30, 2011

GODS TRUTH: ¨According to church dogma, homosexuality is a sin foisted on humans by demons who take possession of their bodies and compel them to act against God's will.¨

Some Pentecostal Christians believe the deliverance rite can exorcise the demons that cause homosexuality. The truly shocking part is that God-fearing gays keep signing up for the traumatic ritual.
Deliverance: The True Story of a Gay Exorcism

"You need to be delivered from homosexuality," the prophet said into a microphone so that all the church could hear. Kevin was embarrassed, but he stayed put. This was no normal preacher—she spoke God's truth. According to church dogma, homosexuality is a sin foisted on humans by demons who take possession of their bodies and compel them to act against God's will. These evil spirits can be exorcised by those trained in spiritual warfare in a ritual known among Pentecostal Christians as deliverance. Perhaps, Kevin thought, this prophet could finally deliver him from his demons.

The prophet placed her hands on Kevin and began to pray over him. "Come out, come out!" she shouted. "In the name of Jesus, I command you to come out! You gonna free him right now!"

Kevin closed his eyes, thinking to himself, "There's something wrong with me; I need to change." A part of him believed this prophet could do what no one else had been able to do during previous deliverance attempts—make him heterosexual. But the prophet was loud and she looked at him with disgust and contempt as her chants became more and more belligerent. Even now Kevin can't bring himself to repeat the most hurtful things she said. He soon began to cry. And then, with the prophet still exhorting the demons in him to depart, he blacked out and collapsed. When he regained consciousness, he stood up and returned to his seat. His shame was turning to rage. He searched his mind and thoughts and found he was unchanged—he was still attracted to men. In the past it had been family members—his mother, his aunt, or his uncle, the church's pastor—who performed deliverance on him. This time it was a stranger, and she had pushed him beyond the breaking point. Never again, he decided, would he allow himself to be treated this way.

It was, by Kevin's count, at least the 10th time since he was 16 that he'd subjected himself to gay exorcism...¨ please read it all, HERE

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motheramelia said...

I just can't believe how soul-killing such hate-filled messages are. The devil is not in the gay person, but in the one attempting "exorcism." How can you excise something that is part of a person's God-given nature.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

If you are sitting in my chair, remembering a lifetime of listening to this ¨bull crap¨ being slurred against you--well, it´s mostly clear there are some very sick people around (everywhere) and the subject of LGBTI seems to bring out the insanity and hate in many--you´re right, the emotional/spiritual sickness seems to be running rampant in the ¨deliverance¨ community-- dangerous to themselves and others.