Mar 29, 2011

ARTICULATING AN AUTHENTIC FAITH: Are you reluctant to refer to yourself as a “Christian” because the term has come to mean something you don’t connect with?

Frank Schaeffer
Have you found comfort, hope or meaning in your faith, but don’t know how to express that to others? Does it seem like most organized religion isn’t describing the God of your understanding? HERE

¨We invite you to join us on April 2nd to hear best-selling author Frank Schaeffer describe a hopeful vision for genuine faith in a messy, mysterious and unexplainable world full of contradictions and paradoxes. He describes a faith for people who don’t always know all the answers and who are tired of pretending they do.

The author of Patience with God -- Faith for People who Don't Like Religion or Atheism believes that the vast majority of people inhabits a middle ground between the two fundamentalist extremes battling one another for followers in the world today. From the beginning, there has been a compassionate, mystical approach to faith in God. The Jewish and Christian faiths, among others, offer an alternative, or parallel tradition, to the well-publicized literal-minded, dogmatic and judgmental thread in the tapestry of faith. Many people get tongue-tied when attempting to share their faith and church community with others because loud voices seem to be focused on what to believe or not believe. Join us to reflect on an authentic faith in the contemporary world that focuses on how to live rather than what we should it all, HERE

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