Mar 22, 2011

HOW DUMB ARE WE?: ¨I view Christianists* and pathological liars to be pretty much synonymous¨ Michael Hamar

NOM Liars dupe the ignorant public
Newsweek has an article that looks at the abysmally low level of knowledge of the much of the U.S. populace. The article is appropriately titled "How Dumb Are We?"

¨As regular readers of my personal blog know, I view Christianists and pathological liars to be pretty much synonymous. Never is this more the case than when looks at the propaganda put out by the National Organization for Marriage ("NOM") and its anti-gay allies. Unfortunately, their lies and disinformation campaign are aided and abetted by the ignorance of far too many Americans about historic facts and this nation's underlying founding documents...¨ read it all HERE

*"So let me suggest,"  Adrew Sullivan is quoted in Time, "that we take back the word Christian while giving the religious right a new adjective: Christianist. Christianity, in this view, is simply a faith. Christianism is an ideology, politics, an ism. The distinction between Christian and Christianist echoes the distinction we make between Muslim and Islamist. Muslims are those who follow Islam. Islamists are those who want to wield Islam as a political force and conflate state and mosque." HERE

Victoria Jackson wears the fearful, uneducated confusion that informs the Christian right worldview on her sleeve.
Victoria Jackson Is The Best Religious Right Spokeswoman Ever

¨We had fun this morning with Victoria Jackson’s latest column, where she admirably typed words in what appears to be the English language, about how scared she is of the Muslims, and also the gays.

Now, she has gone on CNN to defend herself, and as I said above, she is the best Religious Right spokeswoman I’ve ever seen. Unlike the polished, media-savvy voices of Tony Perkins and Maggie Gallagher, Victoria Jackson instead wears the fearful, uneducated confusion that informs the Christian right worldview on her sleeve. Brava, Madam!¨ check out the video, HERE

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Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--She looks like Tammy Faye Baker or a blonde Sara Palin--other divas of the uneducated confusion community = dangerous bigots and liars. As a woman I majorly resent these bimbos.

Love the JC volcano pic. Thank you JC.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hola Bonnie,

I know, I know, the ¨gagettes¨ give me the creeps too--imagine all the hate they generate (and what happens as a end result) just because this twosome (or any like them of either sex) prance around spouting off jibberish about ¨morals¨-- the Maggie is even a divorced/remarried Roman Catholic--Lord only knows what the other puffed up drip has in her past/future--hypocrites, vipers and ignoramouses on the lam.

JC thanks you for noticing his artistic development in the photography department--he´s run off to do his homework as he takes English Classes twice and week as well as works full-time--quite the energetic and talented young man--he really should be a Veternarian as he´s excellent with animals and their care--it´s a zoo around here.

Love to you and yours,
Leonardo and Juan Carlos

MarkBrunson said...

Good Lord!

Looking at a whole line-up of them, including the males not pictured here, I'd say our best strategy is to throw a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts amongst them occasionally, to keep them too busy to do anything else!

I'm heavy, but these folks are as unhealthy as their theology.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

That´s right Mark, bring the innocent Krispy Kreme doughnuts into this--doughnuts who never wishes to be consumed by any of the evil ones--it´s not THEIR fault (I tell you)! Viva All-American Doughnuts of every stripe!