Mar 15, 2011

A BIGOT BOUNCED IN UGANDA: Not so ethical ¨Ethics and Integrity¨ Minister James Nsaba-Buturo quits cabinet!

“In 2006, I was handed office in dignity. It is important that I leave in dignity. I have offered my best as a Minister and I I am grateful to God and the President,” Buturo said.
¨Ethics and Integrity State Minister Dr. James Nsaba Buturo has handed over office to State Minister in the office of the Vice President James Baba.¨ HERE

PLEASE NOTE--Amongst the countless dangerous actions and blatant lies that betray  ¨dignity and basic integrity¨ that James Nsaba-Buturo perpetrated against LGBTI citizens during his term in office:  

1.  Madness Alert Uganda:  Dr Nsaba-Buturo answers any LGBTI Ugandan who writes to their member of parliament saying that they should not be persecuted. HERE

2.  Is President Museveni/Uganda ¨cleaning house? ¨  Unprincipled officials turned out

3.  Living through HELL in Uganda thanks to Dr. Nsaba-Buturo and his accomplices:  HERE

4. ¨The bullies drive me into a corner and I can not sleep and somewhere I read that MP James Nsaba Buturo, Ethics and Integrity Minister, was once a witchdoctor¨ HERE

5.  James Nsaba Buturo has accused the United Nations of a surreptitious mission to impose homosexuality on soverign countries HERE

6. There is a murderous ¨anti-Homosexuality Bill¨ pending at the Parliament of Uganda and it is being loudly and enthusiastically promoted by Fundamentalist Protestant religions, The Ugandan Anglican Church  and Dr. Nsaba-Buturo ¨Ethics and Integrity¨ Minister. HERE

7. "The state of moral health in our nation is challenging and we are concerned about the mushrooming of lesbianism and homosexuality," Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo

8.  The Christian community in Uganda has now declared war on the lives of Gay Men and Lesbian Women in that Country...and they have been abetted by American leaders in the anti-gay and ex-gay ministries and James Nsaba-Buturo HERE

9.  ¨Dr Buturo told Africa's Sunday Monitor that there is no need to beef up security for anti-gay activists in Uganda because God is protecting him/them.¨ HERE

10. The government’s venom is chilling: ¨Homosexuals can forget about human rights,¨ James Nsaba Buturo, who holds the cynically titled position of minister of ethics and integrity, said recently..

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Bonnie said...

Good News! Maybe more of his ilk will just shut up and sit/stand down.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

and/or fade back into the cesspool of their own making. There was no admission of ANY wrongdoing or mis-perceptions here--the man kept blubbering idiot remarks about LGBTI people all the way out the door! This fool defends his wrong doing against fellow citizens both on the front of ¨economic irregularities¨ and instigating a national hate campaign--seems like a man with few morals or ethics or emotional stability--he´d do well at the Anglican Church of Uganda where he´s been a pal and fundraiser for dangerous opportunist Archbishop Henry Orombi--the cruelest and most deceptive of them all.