Mar 16, 2011

THE PRICE OF NOT PROTECTING THE CHILDREN: Republican Speaker John Boehner/Ohio meet Nick Kelo Jr./Ohio

Meet Nick Kelo Jr. Nick was 13 when he died of a self inflicted gunshot wound on Wednesday, Feb 23, 2011 in Rittman, OH.

It is not known whether Nick was gay, but bullying based on the perception that he was gay, apparently played a role.

¨At the tender age of 13, Nicholas Kelo Jr. knew what it was like to be relentlessly bullied. It may have been what persuaded him to pry open a safe inside his Rittman home and remove the gun that killed him.

...''It had been going on for years,'' Jacqueline Kelo said. ''We would talk and he would say [of the bullies] that they were not worth his time.''

Nick played football in middle school but gave up the sport this year to participate in high school band. The switch, Jacqueline Kelo reasoned, resulted in swelling rumors. Some, she said, wrongly assumed that a kid who would prefer to play the tenor sax rather than tossing a pigskin must be gay.

''After that, it [the bullying] spiraled out of control,'' she said.

After Nick's mother found him, an emergency squad rushed him to Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital. He then was transported by helicopter to Akron Children's Hospital. But the handsome boy with the incredible mind could not be saved.

Even in the throes of anguish, his parents had the mindset to donate his organs. ''We just wanted something good to come out of this tragedy,'' said the senior Kelo, who lives in Cuyahoga Falls.

Because the boy had worked so hard to earn a second-degree black belt in tae kwon do and held a red-black belt in kumdo, his body was in remarkably good shape.

''They were able to get nine organs,'' Jacqueline Kelo explained. HERE

The purpose of  ¨The Price of Hate¨ blog HERE is to list the children who commit suicide or are killed because of their sexual orientation, or their perceived sexual orientation. The various professional religious hate organizations out there are fond of telling everyone how they are being victimized because their religious beliefs apparently force them to hate LGBT people. But what about the rights of these children who really pay the price for their attempts to institutionalize their bigotry and hate?

Republican John Boehner, Ohio 8th District, Speaker of The House of Representative and an anti-lgbti irresponsible accomplice.
John Boehner has received a "0" rating from the Human Rights Campaign in the last three congressional sessions, voting against the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010, the Early Treatment for HIV Act, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Boehner voted for a Federal Marriage Amendment. In a letter to the Rights Campaign, Boehner stated, "I oppose any legislation that would provide special rights for homosexuals... Please be assured that I will continue to work to protect the
idea of the traditional family as one of the fundamental tenets of western civilization." HERE

Reminding people that hatred does have a price. You don't get to go around proclaiming "Protect the Children!", while contributing to their deaths:

I'm talking to you FRC*, AFA*, NOM, CWA*, ADF, FOtF and so many others.

* These groups are listed as hate groups by the SLPC.

·  Thanks to The Price of Hate, sidebar
·  Thanks to The Human Rights Campaign


Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh Leonardo! How tragic. What a loss.

Lord, have mercy. The bullies certainly do not.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Grandmère Mimi,

It hurts my heart to think about young Nick--I know the feelings of desperation and self-loathing--the ¨what´s the use¨ and bullying seems such a custom job of extreme hatefulness--yet, they defend themselves, blame the victim, shame the families--they do, and it´s the same crowd of greedsters and outspoken teaparty righteous trash that litters society today...I feel no compassion for the abusers and I know they are deadly, wrong and emotionally/spiritually is they who are at the bottom of the human barrel...Lord have mercy because I can´t (yet).

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--There are so many passages in the bible that go to respect for God being the "creator of ALL things." I'm never sure which part of ALL THINGS these insane Christians so-called don't understand. They probably have the IQ of a gnat.

Some folks in Colorado Springs had bumper stickers that read: Focus On Your Own DAMN Family" in response to the rabid Focus on the Family group. I wonder if they ever teach that all human life carries a very divine spark within that their supposed Christian virtue/value should nurture with great respect. And having said that, God help me, I'd like to just smack the s### out of them when I see the harm they cause with their arrogant and stupid attitudes.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Bonnie

When I was a teen we lived in Los Angeles and there was a swamplike backwater area near our house--I sometimes went with a neighbor kid hunting frogs/toads--we had a wood raft that we built and would go out with planks and kill them in them--my mother learned of my cold hearted antics and told me God was "creator of ALL things" and never to do that again--that was the moment I understood life around me differently. Interestingly my Mother despised snakes, lizards and frogs yet didn´t want me to kill any of them because they were God´s creations.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--I love your mom! That story is a beautiful tribute to her heart and soul and so are you. Don't ever quit. Small miracles do keep happening and give encouragement to us all.

Also other mysteries, and inquiring minds want to know the answer to this, where do they come up with these weird word verification sequences?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Bonnie, WV´s certainly could be found by thousand with my typos, bad-spelling and foul wordings--but the one I have at the moment is a beauty that I think describes Robert Duncan Pitts, former bishop perfectly (probably Armstrong too) WV: ingloma

Daniel Weir said...

People - of all ages - who don't conform to established gender roles are targets no matter what their sexual orientation.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

People - of all ages - who don't conform to established gender roles are targets no matter what their sexual orientation.¨ D. Weir

It´s true, but children are more powerless it seems to me, the confusion alone is staggeringly scary as I recall--often adults have options (and sometimes power too) to build safety zones around themselves (or have others do it for them).